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Food Union unites the best food companies from all over the world. We respect the heritage of our companies, traditions of their motherland and legendary brands they have created. Combining that heritage with our innovative and creative business approach we introduce the best European brands to the world, and bring the European quality of ice cream and dairy industry to every continent.


We are a global company, although the place where our story started, the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), is a part of the European Union. With its mild climate and pristine nature, extraordinary culture and age-old traditions, the Baltic states are a truly hidden treasure that has always been the heart of European dairy culture.


We believe that brands can make life better. We put all our effort, know-how, experience, and passion into our brands. They deliver high-quality and pure, natural dairy and ice cream products, create a unique experience for our customers, and become a valuable part of their life.

Dairy brands
Made entirely from pure milk, supplied by the best farms of Northern Europe, our dairy products deliver health and pleasure to customers all over the world.
  • With Rasa everything tastes better!
    Delicate and creamy Rasa products are created to retain nature’s purity. Rasa cheeses, yoghurts, and butter are made from the finest cream, combining traditional Nordic cuisine and modern dairy product technology.  Authentic and fresh Rasa products are created to be part of healthy yet delicious meals. 
  • The real masterpiece
    In 1922, Limbažu Piens Dairy was built in Limbaži, a small town in Latvia. Now, Limbažu Piens embraces a traditional dairy product range with more than 90 years of history and a strong heritage. Limbažu Piens products ensure high quality and great taste, guaranteed by local craftsmen. 
  • The right choice for everyday wellbeing
    Lakto is a range of naturally fermented dairy products, containing special acidophilus- and bifido-bacterium selection effective for digestive upset and immune support. Lakto products are highly recommended by nutritionists as an important part of healthy daily diet. 
    Lakto makes healthy lifestyle easy and tasty as never before.
  • The best we can make from milk
    Kārums originates from the times when people woke up along with the birds and herded cattle. From that good times we’ve brought our belief in diligence, love of nature, and sincerity. 
    All Kārums products are free from preservatives, because we believe that milk and its natural flavour and biological nutrients are all that either an adult or a child needs.
  • From family farms to your family table!
    Valmiera products are made from 100% natural milk delivered by small family farms of Latvia. Valmiera town is situated in Vidzeme region, that is perceived as Latvia’s “milk cradle”, and has a long story of dairy production — for almost a century Valmiera farmers have been making dairy products. 
  • The most delicious choice for growing-up
    Rasens is made especially for kids and teenagers. Its enriched, flavoured milk range contains vitamins for healthy growth and active lifestyle. You won’t find any artificial additives, colours or flavours in Rasens. It is healthy and natural, yet sweet and delicious. Rasens milk is now a primary component of the school milk programme in Latvia.
  • Always in the middle of table
    Dzintars is one of the most beloved cheese brands in Europe. Dzintars processed cheese is produced only from high quality natural ingredients. It contains proteins and calcium, which are necessary for the strong bones.  Dzintars cheese is perfect for the weekend breakfasts when all the family gathers around the table!
Our ice cream portfolio includes 10 unique brands. Each of them delivers high-quality products and an exciting experience to our customers.
  • The best gourmet ice cream from Northern Europe
    Inspired by the Nordic gourmet culture, Ekselence ice cream is the perfection of Northern European cuisine.  Truly luxurious, it’s made from the richest cream, fresh whole milk and egg yolk, combined with carefully selected local ingredients… Ekselence ice cream is 100% natural with no artificial additives, colours or flavours. It is created to deliver an outstanding gastronomical experience.
  • We’ve got nothing to hide!
    Have you ever tried to mix cool fruit and berries with milk or juice? It’s a great combination!  Nu Fruit is made of natural milk and cream, whole naked berries, very, very big fruit pieces, and fruit juice. With its unique 3D-shape you can see all the fruits, and you can really feel them!
  • Taste of childhood!
    Pols ice cream story began 45 years ago. Years went by, but the Pols ice cream hasn’t changed a bit — it still keeps to its 1971 recipe and the same package design featuring an illustration of a polar bear.  Always natural and creamy, and made from fresh milk only, Pols is a taste of childhood!
  • Milky joy for the whole family
    Do you remember that creamy and sweet milkshake taste from childhood?  Tio is a natural and tasty ice cream that is perfect for milkshakes! Whether you like classic taste or fruit milkshakes, Tio ice cream will be your best option.

Food Union is a reliable business partner. Working closely with our clients, we provide high-quality, innovative, and client-tailored products that serve dozens of businesses in delivering their value proposition and satisfying their consumers' needs.

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