We are the union
Food union is a global dairy and ice cream player

We gather experience and impressions as we travel around the world. Wherever we go, we share our passion, values and opportunities with our suppliers, partners, consumers and society at large.


We change traditional approaches, set new trends and standards, and we challenge the status quo! We bring creativity and innovation with respect for traditions and mastership.
There are so many great foods and flavors, that can be made from milk. Whatever we produce, we aspire to offer the best taste and best quality to our consumers, be that with gourmet ice cream or plain milk. Everything that we do complies with the highest industry standards.

We develop strong brands and creative narratives that create unique experience for consumers to interact with. This is how we create a new way of leading business.

What we value the most
  • Innovation and creativity is what inspires us on our way to excellence and differentiates us among our peers.


  • We have a long-term interest in creating value for our consumers, stakeholders and society at large.

  • Food Union is ultimately not about food, it’s about people. We always aim for fun added value in everything we do.



Food Union is run by a diverse team of international professionals under the leadership of international scale dairy business expert  Andrey Beskhmelnitsky. Food Union team’s vast knowledge is built on the experience gained during the development of the leading dairy company in Russia – Unimilk, the leading ice cream company in Russia – Inmarko, and practiced in the leading dairy and ice cream facilities in the Baltic region.

Our growth beyond the borders of the Baltics is accelerated by our financial partner Meridian Capital. Meridian Capital Limited is a Hong Kong-based, privately-held global investment fund that partners innovative businesses for the long-term.