Our top priority

Why quality matters

Quality and food safety is a top priority at Food Union. Our mission is to provide consumers with healthy and tasty products which not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Investing in improvement

We constantly invest in product technology development and use food science expertise to maximize the nutritional benefits of our natural ingredients.

Together with our suppliers and partners, we leverage our combined know-how to drive constant improvement.

We closely work with local authorities and developers of innovative technologies in food production and control to take quality and food safety to the next level.

Our pledge

Our three pillars of food safety

To guarantee consistently high-level quality and safety, we implement strict Food Union standards based on good manufacturing practice (GMP) from the supplier to the store.

Centre of expertise
We collect the best food safety practices throughout our production sites and share them within our organization
Food Union is committed to quality as the sum total of the flawless work of each employee in our company
Global approach
We implement our tried and trusted food safety management in all our facilities

Committed to quality

Comprehensive quality assurance

Food safety is about people, behaviours and attitudes. At Food Union, we start from the top, with a visible commitment by senior management, the involvement of every employee at every level, using middle managers as agents of change, and investing time and financial resources into the education of people truly committed to quality.

From the source to the shop,
food safety first

Quality control of our incoming materials and finished products is carried out in compliance with Food Union standards and the legal safety requirements of our respective countries. We are responsible for proper quality and safety at every step, from the source to the shop.


Raw and Pack material control starts from the supplier audit to the guarantee that the supplier is capable of complying with Food Union Quality and Food Safety requirements, as well as environmental, regulatory and social principles.

Incoming materials are checked in each facility’s laboratory according to approved specifications. When receiving the supplies, we check not only the quality and food safety parameters of material but also its transportation temperature compliance.

We make sure that all details are listed clearly on our packaging to meet the quality standards required by industry certification.


Food Union is proud to be one of the best food producers of quality products. We use advanced technologies in product development and production and all our facilities are certified according to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards. Our laboratories are fully equipped and provide control for each step of production to guarantee consistently superior quality.
We continue investing in food production to provide consumers with innovative, tasty and healthy products.

Storage and transportation

Our care about the products also extends to the storage and transportation phase. We only use the warehouses approved by our quality team and specially equipped transport which protects the products from temperature extremes, mechanical damage and other harmful factors.
We make sure that all products are stored and transported at proper temperatures. Regular hygiene and cold chain audits are part of our storage and transportation management system.


Our responsibility for product quality extends beyond our production facilities. We also attend to the quality of our products on supermarkets’ shelves and in freezers. Our sales team regularly visits retail stores and controls storage conditions, while the quality department makes test purchase to ensure that the taste and nutritional qualities of the products are never compromised.
Food Union specialists control every step of the production and delivery chain, so that we can confidently say — quality guaranteed!