Global trends

Thinking beyond today

Food Union has taken on the role of innovator in the dairy, ice cream and other food product categories. Understanding consumers’ needs and wishes is a must for us to be in best shape and innovate at every step of our way.
Knowing past and present demands of our consumers in every detail, we are also curious to see what will “catch” them tomorrow and the day after. We follow these global consumer trends and adapt them to our local markets.

The trends we focus on

Open to all things new

Consumers, especially younger generations, are eager to discover new brands and try new dairy products. Many are willing to experiment with tastes and formats. We take it seriously and measure our overall performance by the success of our novelties.

On-the-go is here to stay

Anything about the product that makes consumers’ life easier is a way to win their heart — whether that’s a smart, easy-to-open packaging or smaller product portions for easy snacking. We want our products to be everywhere our consumer is at — preferably on top of their mind — so we take the on-the-go trend very seriously.

Reinventing the familiar

Many people just love what they love — well-known flavours that they can always rely on. But even these tiny bit less adventurous consumers are ready to experiment with the product’s shape, texture, or temperature — as long as the original flavour is there. New formats for familiar flavours have wide appeal among consumers not risking to leave their comfort zone, and we totally appreciate that.

Crafting the unexpected

Growing number of people are looking out for something truly exceptional to fall for. Just like other types of food, dairy products have a distinct place in everyday life, matching certain situations and creating certain moods. We work hard to find the key to our customers’ habits and expectations to surprise them with products that spark delight and excitement.

Healthy choices every day

As people nowadays are pursuing healthier lifestyles, we feel committed to serve them with more natural, organic, low-sugar, low-fat and high protein treats. We are proud to include on our portfolio more brands and products promoting people’s well-being.

Transparency is a must

Consumers want to know it all about ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing processes, so we deliver the relevant information in a clear manner, avoiding complex ingredient names, as well as opt for a more intuitive design for greater transparency.

Exploring plant-based products

Most consumers have now tried plant-based products and are likely to continue using them due to a healthier image and the spread of vegan lifestyles. We develop new recipes to be among the first to fulfil the growing demand.