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Rasēns urges kids to develop their talents with the help of digital platforms

Dairy company’s Food Union milk product brand Rasēns has created two exciting digital platforms for the development of children and young people’s talents. On the Rasēns Triku Skola (Rasēns School of Tricks) platform, children are welcome to develop and showcase their talents by following the example set by popular Latvian youtubers and trick experts, while Rasēns TV Youtube channel offers any viewer to become a reporter by informing other viewers of some interesting place with educational purposes.

“Mobile devices have become integral part of children and young people’s daily lives. They serve as a means of communication, a tool to learn new information, a recreational resource, and a helper in their studies. The two new digital Rasēns platforms give children the opportunity to use their mobile devices for self-improvement, by discovering their talents and showing them to others. Rasēns offers children unique, exciting, specialized content, encouraging children not to sit on the couch but go explore themselves and the world, create something new, get involved in physical activity, and actively and responsibly communicate with like-minded peers,” explains Ilona Jaroša, Rasēns Brand Manager.

In order to make children’s pastimes contribute to their development and make them pursue active and healthy lifestyle, the Rasēns brand has created the platform, where videos from popular Latvian youtubers, trick experts and children are collated. On the Rasēns Triku Skola platform, the user selects a category where he or she wishes to improve their skills, for instance, new dance routines, home tricks, or the easy way to do the math homework. Children who watch a video are urged to learn the trick shown and repeat it in their own videos posted on social media and on the digital platform. Find out more on

Youtube channel Rasēns TV is the first youth channel in Latvia where content is generated by the viewers. There are three channel presenters, the popular youtubers Laurlācis, Sindija Lo and Jorets. In each of the episodes, they go to explore some new, interesting place in Latvia, while the viewers are asked to recommend places they should visit next. Any viewer can also become a real reporter and accompany the film crew on their next adventure, or create his or her own video. In a couple weeks since the launch, Rasēns TV has been viewed 110,000 times, and the latest Rasēns TV episode is among the top trending videos in Latvia. One and all are welcome to visit the Rasēns TV channel:

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