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Food Union releases new ice cream products for the autumn and winter season

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Recognized global ice cream and dairy producer, Food Union, continues to invest in developing innovative products that connect with consumers across its key markets as it builds on existing strong foundations and expertise in building brands of value. Reinforced by their skills in manufacture and equally distribution, Food Union is currently the leading ice cream maker in the Baltics and Denmark, and holds strong market positions in Norway, Romania, Russia and Belarus.

Food Union will introduce 17 new ice cream products in the family and dessert categories. Building value across seasons, as winter approaches, Food Union develops comforting, exciting and nostalgic flavours for consumers to enjoy. Customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus can now enjoy the unique combinations and flavours that Food Union’s innovation centre has developed over the course of several months.

“For us at Food Union, ice cream season is all year round. Building the bridge between seasons ensures increased relevance in people’s lives. We enjoy delighting our consumers with new products that not only compliment their summer experience, but also offer a form of sensory comfort and escape in the winter,” says Normunds Staņēvičs, CEO of Food Union, Europe. “And in times of uncertainty, people value what is familiar and trusted. Therefore, the flavours this autumn and winter season are inspired by all-time classics, childhood memories, and customer’s favourite desserts, in family friendly and environmentally friendly packaging,” said Staņēvičs.

Food Union’s exciting new ice cream products offer rich, comforting flavours in a variety of sizes and formats that customers can share with their loved ones. Food Union innovates based on consumer demands and preferences, always giving their customer what they want. This autumn and winter season, Food Union’s new products are perfect for an after-meal dessert, to add to the holiday table, or for customer’s enjoy on their own with a good book or movie.

Latvia: Flavours inspired by childhood nostalgia
The legendary Latvian brand Pols, known for products that evoke childhood nostalgia, is now offering two new products rich in flavour. One is a classic vanilla ice cream with condensed milk, and the other is a cotton candy ice cream with marshmallows for those who enjoy more playful flavours and are still young at heart. Both ice creams are now available in 500 ml tubs. Food Union’s team innovated these new flavours to reflect both traditional flavours and modern flavours, bringing customers comfort and nostalgia when they need it the most.

Karlsons, one of Latvia’s best-selling ice cream brands, added two new products in large family-sized formats, perfect for home-made scooping. Both new products capture Karlsons’ classic flavours in a tricoloured ice cream: one with vanilla-chocolate-blackcurrant flavours in a white-brown-purple ice cream, and the other with vanilla-chocolate-strawberry flavours in a white-brown-pink ice cream. Both ice creams are now available in 850 ml recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging.

Lithuania: Ice cream to share
Pols in Lithuania has two new ice cream products with all-time classic ingredients: chocolate, nuts and coffee. Both ice creams are designed to be dessert favourites for families and friends to share. Pols now offers coffee-flavoured ice cream with a bittersweet coffee filling, and a hazelnut- and chocolate-flavoured ice cream with a sweet and savoury hazelnut and chocolate filling. Both ice creams are available in large 1 litre environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging.

Pols in Lithuania has also launched small wafer cones with two new flavours — Crème brûlée and Pavlova cake (meringue) — in a 110 ml small-bite format.

Estonia: Familiar ingredients in unfamiliar forms
This winter, Premia, the leading ice cream producer in Estonia, is surprising customers with new flavour combinations and ice creams with less sugar. New flavours like orange ice cream with almond paste and cowberry jam, as well as Premia’s collaboration with Olde Hansa Restaurant featuring pieces of baked spiced almonds, will excite any gourmet food lover. Additionally, Premia’s vanilla ice cream with sweet cherry or strawberry-peach jam provides a delicious sweet and sour taste with 40% less added sugar. All four new flavours are available in large 1 litre carboard packaging for the family segment.

Belarus: Popular flavours for sharing and caring
Ingman, a Belarusian ice cream producer, has transitioned its single-serve ice cream brand Belij Polus to a family-friendly format with its most beloved and popular flavours. Favourites such as vanilla ice cream, vanilla with strawberry jam, and chocolate ice cream are now available in large 315-, 430- and 950-ml paper and foil flexible packaging.


Food Union is a leading, innovative consumer goods company that develops local brands and delivers delightful products for human well-being in Europe, Belarus, Russia, China and Pacific Asia. Food Union is currently the leading ice cream producer in the Baltics and Denmark, and the group holds a strong market position in Norway, Romania, Russia and Belarus.

Food Union Group is a dynamic player in the European dairy sector. They paved the way by developing and focusing on the acquisition of leading national brands across Europe. The Group is made up of the two of the largest dairy and ice-cream companies in Latvia – Rīgas piena kombināts and Valmieras piens. The Group also includes companies such as: Estonia’s and Lithuania’s largest ice cream makers Premia TKH and Premia KPC, the leading Danish ice cream producer Premier Is and Danish door-step-delivery ice cream company Hjem Is, Norway’s ice cream company Isbjørn Is and door-step-delivery ice cream company Den Norske Isbilen, Romanian ice cream maker Alpin57Lux, and ice cream company Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus and ice cream company Khladokombinat No.1 in Russia.

Food Union Group’s shareholders include its founder and executive chairman, Andrey Beskhmelnitskiy, whose operational expertise has seen him build, acquire strong assets and take large-scale key dairy business to successful investment exit. The leading dairy group is backed by Hong Kong-based investment company Meridian Capital Limited, and one of Asia’s largest private capital firms PAG. They became Food Union shareholders in 2015 and 2018 in order to finance the construction of two dairy plants in China and facilitate the company’s dynamic expansion to this market.

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