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Food Union Increases Sales of Kārums Curd Snacks by 7% in Latvia and Releases Festive Packaging

Ziemassvētku Kārums

As the year’s brightest holiday approaches, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has decided to treat snack lovers young and old with a specially-designed Kārums. The brand’s most popular product, the Kārums vanilla curd snack, has been packaged in a festive design in limited edition to consumers in the Baltic states. Furthermore, the company reports that in the first 11 months of this year (from January to November), sales of Kārums curd snacks in Latvia have increased by 7% compared to the respective period last year.

Snack in Christmas packaging
“Our festive Kārums is our greeting to every sweet tooth for the upcoming Christmas and New Year. We hope the curd snack wrapped in Christmas packaging makes the breakfast table festive and serves as a lovely present for friends, colleagues, neighbours and, of course, the all-time lovers of sweet treats, children,” said Ilva Veidemane, Kārums Manager.

The treat’s Christmas packaging is decorated with Christmas trees and a crow in an elf hat. The holiday packaging has been created in a limited edition for single-serve Kārums curd snacks and family packs. Festive products will be available until early 2021 at and the most popular shops in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Ziemassvētku Kārums paka

Double demand
Significantly, since October, demand for Kārums products has increased considerably on the Food Union online store In November, residents placed Kārums snacks in their virtual shopping baskets almost twice as much as the month prior. Such a steep rise can be explained by consumers’ large interest in the brand’s new products, in the launch of which the company has invested over 100,000 Euro.

We would like to remind people that, this autumn, Kārums has faced significant changes. Its production has been transferred to the new “Food Union” centre of excellence for fresh dairy products. The brand’s visual identity has changed – the Kārums logo has become more modern, the crow character has returned to its packaging, and the design of all its products has been changed. Furthermore, eight new Kārums products have been created (3 yoghurt snacks, 1 classical snack, 1 dessert and 3 cream yoghurts), and as a result, the brand’s assortment includes more than 40 different products.

About Kārums:
Kārums is one of the most popular dairy product brands in Latvia. The famous curd snack began to be produced in Latvia in the late 1940s, and it immediately became a favorite breakfast delicacy and snack for both children and adults, which is also convenient to eat on the go. In 1993, this cult product acquired a new identity – the name Kārums. Since then, the brand has not only developed a wide range of products and snacks made from the best milk, but also developed a bright, cheerful personality and a sincere sense of humor. The latest information about “Kārums” products can be found in the updated “Kārums” internet website

About Food Union group:
Food Union is the largest dairy company in Latvia and the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries. Food Union Group is made up of the three largest dairy companies and ice cream makers in Latvia – Rīgas Piena Kombināts, Valmieras Piens, and Rīgas Piensaimnieks, Estonia’s largest ice cream maker Premia and Premia Lithuania, the leading Danish ice cream producer Premier Is and Danish ice cream distribution company Hjem Is, Norway’s ice cream company Isbjørn Is and ice cream delivery service company Den Norske, Romanian ice cream maker Alpin57Lux, and ice cream companies Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus and Hladkombinat No.1 in Russia. In 2018 Food Union opened two dairy and children’s product plants in China. In 2019, Food Union group achieved 277 million Euro in turnover. Food Union group companies currently employ over 3,100 people. For more information visit and

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