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Eur 1.12 million invested in development of Lakto brand

In line with its strategy to make healthy products with high added value, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has invested a total of EUR 1.12 million in the development of fermented dairy products brand Lakto. As a result, Lakto recipe has been substantially improved, the brand now has a new visual identity, and a new Lakto production line has been purchased.

30% less sugar

Following global food industry and healthy eating trends, the company has improved the recipe of drinkable Lakto by reducing the added sugar content by 30%. The product has, therefore, become more dietary and better suited, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, for people of different ages, including children, which is confirmed by the fact that the product meets the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 172 on nutritional norms for preschool and school children.

In the meantime, the characteristic taste of Lakto and all the good qualities that make it a functional food product have been fully preserved. That was possible thanks to well thought out production technology and high-quality ingredients – top quality Latvian milk and acidophilus and bifido-bacteria effective for digestive upset and immune support. Also thanks to the fact that only natural additives are used in the production of Lakto.

“Being industry leaders, we share the responsibility for popularizing healthy lifestyle and responsible consumption, because that is how we can contribute to the development of sustainable society. It is for these reasons that we decided to implement a complex of innovative initiatives in our healthiest product category, Lakto, as we believe it has a great future potential. These new developments are also important because they are part of the development of Food Union Center of Excellence for fresh dairy products, which we are planning to complete in 2020,” emphasizes Food Union Financial Director in Europe and JSC Rīgas Piena Kombināts Board Chairman Normunds Staņēvičs.

New visual identity, packaging, product range

The way Lakto looks has also changed for the better. A new visual identity has been developed for the brand to make it even more competitive and more modern. The company has also bought new equipment for the production of Lakto in 450g and 280g new-design cartons, which are more convenient in everyday use, they also are fully recyclable and therefore environment-friendlier.

“Taking into consideration that Lakto has been the most popular fermented dairy product in Latvia for over 25 years, it has evolved from a brand into a new category of dairy products. Hence the emphasis on the name in the new visual identity, to make it stand out more and be easier to remember. At the same time, new line-like elements have been integrated into the design to symbolize the new slogan: With Lakto you’re at the forefront for 365 days a year!”, explains Food Union Marketing Director Ieva Ražinska.

There are 18 products in Lakto range of fermented dairy products: six flavors in large 450g package, five flavors in single-serving package of 100g, five flavors in 220g glasses and, packaged in a new-design 280g package, the Lakto PRO protein beverage that contains even more proteins for muscle growth.

The new products are already available at retail chains Rimi, Maxima, Elvi, Top, Mego, Beta, Narvesen, Sky and Depo, shopping mall Stockmann, filling stations Cirkle K and Neste, educational institutions, and at smaller stores across Latvia.

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