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“A latvian. 100 national peculiarities” returns to bookstores

The book “A Latvian. 100 National Peculiarities” (Latvietis. 100 nacionālās īpatnības), written under the auspices of the legendary curd snack Kārums, sold out in record time last year. Following readers’ inquiries, the book has now been reissued. Furthermore, in just two weeks it has become the bestselling book at Valters un Rapa.

Just before the centenary of Latvia, Kārums, with the support of Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union, asked Latvians to share their most distinctive and vivid traits, which is how the captivating guide to Latvianity came about. The book offers an intelligent and witty take on the true image of centenary Latvians.

The book’s introduction says that Latvians have always been seeking the answer to the frighteningly deep and, at the same time, touchingly naïve question “Who am I?” “A Latvian. 100 National Peculiarities” helps us discover and accept ourselves. The book also gives other nations a chance to get to know Latvians better.

The book is currently available at Zvaigzne ABC, Jānis Roze, Valters un Rapa, Globuss and other bookstores across Latvia.

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