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100 types of ice cream, concerts and entertainment

To symbolically mark the beginning of the summer season, and of course the ice cream season, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union in partnership with the city of Jūrmala invites everyone to “The Latvian Ice Cream Festival”, which will take place tomorrow, May 26, as part of the Jūrmala Resort Festival. The event will provide an opportunity to taste around 100 various ice creams from all over Latvia to the tune of great music. The Ice Cream Festival will take place on Dzintari beach in front of Turaida Street path to the beach from 11:00 to 20:00. Admission to the event is free.

Throughout the day, both young and old gourmets will be able to taste a wide variety of ice creams, desserts and shakes of their choice for especially attractive prices from such popular ice cream brands as Pols, Ekselence, Tio, Kārums and Rasēns. The festival’s guests will be able to enjoy the icy treats made by various Latvian home producers, including Marybella, Gogelmogels, Skrīveru Mājas Saldējums, Rullējums, Grasbergs and Siguldas Saldējums. All participants of the event are invited to take part in a vote on the flavor of the new Jūrmala ice cream.

“Saturday is expected to be sunny and warm, which is why in addition to a good appetite and a good mood – participants should also bring their sunglasses. The most convenient and quickest way to get to Jūrmala is by train. Furthermore, the first 500 participants who arrive at the festival on May 26 and present their train tickets will get a free ice cream,’’ says Sandra Usačeva, Manager of Food Union Ice Cream Brands.

Alongside exciting activities and contests for the whole family, the program of this year’s “Latvian Ice Cream Festival” also features great musical performances by popular Latvian artists. The lineup includes popular Latvian indie-rock band Carnival Youth, singers Elza Rozentāle and Evilena Protektor, as well as the attractive MC Orchestra.

The exquisite gourmet ice cream Ekselence will surprise the festival’s guests with a pop-up café right on the beach, offering to slowly enjoy Ekselence ice cream desserts and to have a cup of coffee at a nice table. Nearby, those who like beautiful pictures will be able to participate in a chic photo session and make some unforgettable pics.

Pols ice cream will invite adult guests to recall their childhood and teenage years – first by mounting a giant hobbyhorse and then playing some of the legendary video games of the 1980s and 1990s, like Super Mario, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter, among others.

Meanwhile, the ice cream brand Rasēns will surprise with a special attraction – slacklining – where everyone, aided by a professional instructor, will be able to test their balancing skills by walking along a suspended length of a rope. The program also includes demonstrations of balancing with elements of acrobatics. At the same time, Rasēns invites young people to its RasēnsTV Youtube channel MeetUp, where they will be able to meet the channel’s hosts – Joret, SindijaLo, Laurlācis and Lota Ulmane, and participate in a casting with the opportunity to star in next season’s episodes.

Furthermore, the Tio ice cream brand invites guests for a dive into a ball pit, a great place for everyone to play and take photos, because there is no age limit to having fun! In addition to that, Tio will offer ice cream shakes and invite kids to participate in creative workshops and get colorful face paintings. In addition, the curd ice cream Kārums invites participants to Lidotava (Flying Place), where children will be able to test their precision, as well as Makšķerēšana (Fishing) where the little guests of the festival will be using a special fishing-rod to rescue stray crow chicks by bringing them back to their nest.

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“The Latvian Ice Cream Festival” will involve taking photos and filming. The photographs and video footage can be used for publishing for the event’s communication purposes

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