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With nuts, cherries, and “Riga Black Balsam” – four new dessert ice creams in the “Ekselence” range

As in every autumn-winter season, Latvia’s leading dairy processing company, “Food Union,” has created a new collection for the dessert ice cream brand “Ekselence”. Company has invested around 80 thousand euros in its development, resulting in four spoonable ice creams enriched with carefully selected ingredients, including “Riga Black Balsam.”

Girts Linins, the head of the “Food Union” ice cream brands, emphasizes, “As seasons change, so do the preferences for enjoying ice cream – and now, in the autumn-winter season, spoonable or large-volume ice creams are much more in demand. Therefore, we decided to expand the “Ekselence” range, beloved by many gourmets, with new dessert category ice creams, thus celebrating the 25th anniversary of this brand. Their flavors are inspired not only by classic pastry recipes and ingredients such as brownie and salted caramel but also by our own “Ekselence” ice cream bestsellers.”

For many years, one of Latvia’s favorite ice creams among consumers has been “Ekselence” with “Riga Black Balsam” in the large 1-liter package. To delight fans of this distinctive creamy ice cream, the company introduces two novelties. A completely new dessert ice cream “Ekselence” with “Riga Black Balsam”, cherries, and brownie pieces will now be available in a large package (1 liter). Meanwhile, the previously popular “Ekselence” ice cream with balsam and currants will be available in a new package – a 500 ml cardboard box.

A similar transformation has occurred with another favorite, the walnut and maple syrup dessert ice cream “Ekselence.” If it was previously only available in the large 1 liter package, now this flavorful ice cream will also be available in a smaller 500 ml cardboard package in grocery store freezers. Additionally, fans of the large package (1 liter) will enjoy a new sweet cream ice cream “Ekselence” with pecans and salted caramel.

In total, the “Ekselence” range currently includes 19 different ice cream varieties, available in four formats – single-serving ice creams on sticks, waffle cones, and spoonable dessert ice creams in two sizes. The most popular is the brand’s traditional value since 1998 – dessert ice creams in a 1-liter package, among which the bestsellers are walnut-flavored “Ekselence” with maple syrup and caramelized walnuts, “Ekselence” with “Riga Black Balsam” and currants, as well as the traditional vanilla ice cream.

The new “Ekselence” ice creams are available starting from November on the “Food Union” online store, as well as in major retail chains and smaller local stores throughout Latvia.

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