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Two curd snacks return to the Kārums family – with strawberries and with baked apples, cinnamon and grains

Two new Karums curd snacks

Highly awaited news for the lovers of the Kārums brand – following repeated consumer suggestions, Food Union, the leading dairy processing company in Latvia, has resumed the production of two once beloved cheese curd snacks in a new interpretation. As a result, two products have returned to store shelves for the pleasure of consumers – strawberry Kārums in a strawberry flavored glaze, as well as baked apple, cinnamon and grain curd snacks in the classic Kārums chocolate glaze.

The recipes for both of the new curd snacks are a modern reproduction of nostalgic flavors. They were inspired by the food technologists of the Food Union Center for Excellence of Fresh Dairy Products by researching the historical recipes of Kārums: the strawberry curd snack was first produced in 1995, but the apple-cinnamon snack – in 2003. And just like before, the main ingredient of these legendary snacks is the unique curd only characteristic to Kārums, which is made from the freshest and highest quality milk.

An interesting coincidence – two years ago, the iconic symbol of Kārums, the famous Kārums crow, returned to the packaging of our curd snacks, and since then we have often received many, many requests from Kārums fans to resume production of various favorite curd snacks. We have heard these suggestions, and now we are introducing to consumers new, modern versions of strawberry and apple-cinnamon curd snacks that will delight both the brand’s longtime fans and a new generation of snack lovers,’’ said Ilva Veidemane, the brand manager of Food Union dairy products.

The new products are produced at the Kārums curd production plant opened in 2020, which is located in the territory of the Food Union group company Rīgas Piena Kombināts. The company invested EUR 5.5 million in the construction and equipping of the plant with modern technological production lines.

Those who cannot wait until summer will appreciate the fresh and summery taste and aroma of the Kārums strawberry curd snack (60% curd). The second innovative snack – Kārums (56% curd) with fried apples, cinnamon and oatmeal, barley and rye flakes will help to fill the belly and warm the soul.

Both new Kārums curd snacks are already available in the Food Union online store, as well as in such popular supermarket chains in Latvia as Rimi, Mego, Vesko, Lats, Aibe, Elvi and Top!. The sale of these products in the rest of the Baltics will also soon be launched. In total, the company has invested about EUR 30,000 in the development and launch of these two new products in the Baltic market.

About Kārums

Kārums is one of the most beloved food brands in Latvia and the Baltics. The famous curd snack was first produced in Latvia in the late 1940s, and it immediately became a favorite breakfast delicacy and snack for children and adults alike. In 1993, this cult product acquired a new identity – the name Kārums. Since then, the brand has not only developed a wide range of delicacies made from the best milk, but also developed a bright, cheerful personality and a sincere sense of humor. More information about the brand:, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

About Food Union group:

“Food Union” is the largest dairy company in Latvia and the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries. “Food Union” group is made up of three largest dairy companies and ice cream makers in Latvia – “Rigas Piena Kombinats”, “Valmieras Piens”, and “Rigas Piensaimnieks” (“Rigas Piena Kombinats” joined in February 2020), Estonia’s largest ice cream maker “Premia” and “Premia” in Lithuania, the leading Danish ice cream producer “Premier Is” and Danish ice cream distribution company “Hjem Is”, Norway’s ice cream company “Isbjørn Is” and ice cream delivery service company “Den Norske Isbilen”, Romanian ice cream maker “Alpin57Lux”. In 2018 “Food Union” opened two dairy and children’s product plants in China. In 2020, “Food Union” group achieved EUR 294 million in turnover. “Food Union” group companies currently employ over 3,100 persons. More information about the company can be found here, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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