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Special Ekselence ice cream in the colors of Latvian flag to mark Latvia’s 100th anniversary

Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has created a patriotic version of gourmet ice cream Ekselence – ice cream in the colors of the Latvian flag, to mark the centenary of the State of Latvia. The new ice cream features a combination of two flavors – carmine sorbet of wild berries and sweet vanilla Glace Plombières.

“Latvia’s founding centenary is a very important event that deserves a special focus as the people and companies of Latvia show their respect and love for our country. In order to honor the centenary of Latvia, we decided to create an entirely new, special ice cream, called Simts Latvijai (Latvia 100), for everyone to enjoy a taste of Latvia,” says Food Union Ice Cream Brand Manager Sandra Usačeva.

Ahead of this very special occasion, the company has created a unique ice cream in the colors of the Latvian flag, Simts Latvijai (Latvia 100). The company’s technologists put in a lot of work to find the right colors matching those of the Latvian flag, using only natural food colorants. The patriotic ice cream is available in 1l packaging – a perfect choice for a large company of friends or to be served on special occasions, such as the May 4 White Tablecloth Celebration.

«All the people in Latvia have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the events marking the centenary of Latvia. We have also urged companies to join in, and we are very pleased that the response has been overwhelming. Food Union has created several new products to mark Latvia’s centenary, which, I am certain, will grace festive tables in Latvia as well as popularize the country elsewhere in the world», emphasizes Selga Laizāne, Deputy State Secretary for Latvia 100 at the Ministry of Culture.

The patriotic Ekselence ice cream is already available at such retail chains as Maxima, Mego, Elvi, Top, Narvesen, Statoil, Sky, as well as smaller stores across Latvia.

In total, there are 21 products in the gourmet ice cream Ekselence range now – two ice cream bars with a unique macaron coating, three ice creams with double chocolate coating, and three classical ice cream bars. The Ekselence range also includes ice creams in wafer cones, three flavors, and seven ice creams in the large 1 liter packaging.

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