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Song and Dance Festival’s Kārums curd snack chosen by Latvians goes on sale

As a response to the wish of Latvians for a unique Kārums combination of flavors, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has in a record-short period of time developed and started production of Kārums snack specifically designed for the XXVI Nationwide Song and XVII Dance Festival. The curd snack, in which the tenderness of plombiere blends with the taste of poppy seeds so familiar since childhood, is now available at Latvia’s largest stores.

Very soon, the product chosen and produced as part of Kārums’ campaign “Put Together a Chief-curd-snack”, will be available to all singers, dancers and fans of this festival in stores across Latvia throughout the summer. Furthermore, UK-based Latvians will also be able to enjoy this special curd snack.

“Developing new products is a thoroughly thought-out process which takes several months, sometimes even a year. But this time, honoring the tradition of the Song and Dance Festival and appreciating public response to the “Put Together a Chief-curd-snack” campaign, our team put all its energy into creating the popular Kārums curd snack in a record time of less than 2 months. We are delighted that almost all retail chains have shown interest in bringing this special Kārums even to the smallest convenience shops in every corner of Latvia, ensuring a festive feeling for every foodie throughout the summer. We are also delighted about the interest of our partners in the UK – the first export shipment has already been produced and will soon be on its way to delight Latvians of the diaspora,” says Ilva Veidemane, Dairy Brand Project Manager at Food Union.

It has been reported earlier that in the spring of this year, over 30,000 participants joined the “Put Together a Chief-curd-snack” initiative, representing not only the Latvia, but also foreign countries that are home to Latvians. Of the flavor choices offered at – 12 curd flavors, 16 optional added flavors and glazes of 3 flavors – they created 173 unique combinations of flavors. The three most popular of them – a curd snack of the plombiere flavor with poppy seeds in chocolate icing, condensed milk curd snack with condensed milk filling in caramel glaze and a rye breadcrumb curd snack with cranberries and lingonberries – took the lead already at the very start of the initiative. A fierce competition for the Supersnack title continued until the last day of voting, April 3, when the plombiere curd snack Kārums with poppy seeds in chocolate icing won the contest with nearly twice as many votes as the runner-up.

As previously reported, Food Union has also committed to catering for the participants of the Festival who will have come from the regions of Latvia and stay at schools throughout the Festival. Therefore, every participant of the Festival – dancer and choreographer, chorister and conductor, who will come to Riga in June and July to take part in rehearsals and concerts, will be able to enjoy a wide variety of fresh dairy products

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