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Premia Cream de la Cream trusts in the high-quality ingredient of real cream to deliver a rich, premium ice-cream

Return to natural ingredients signals high quality mark on expanding product category

This summer, Premia, a proud member of the international ice-cream group Food Union, saw an opportunity to focus on the premiumisation of its ice cream range and grow a new series of high-end products using real cream that creates an ultra-creamy sensation. This renaissance brings the industry full circle from a time when nearly all ice creams used real cream. Today producers are seeing the importance of getting back to basics and looking at the foundational ingredient that has been trusted to deliver on a rich, creamy feel; while consumers are seeking to find in the premium ice-cream category the use of wholesome ingredients which are a signature of quality.

The Estonian flagship ice cream producer Premia took the opportunity to develop a higher-level product line Premia Cream de le Cream and engage the consumers with a more luxurious, indulgent and ‘cream focused’ offering. It is characterized by saturated flavours of chocolate chip cookies and peanut cream or cookie dough and salted caramel sauce – nothing has been saved for Premia Cream de la Cream line to stand out.

Heading into this fall season, Premia is excited to announce this new product line based on its rich legacy. The Cream de la Cream line comes in three new flavours all infused by rich real cream and rich additives packaged in environmentally friendly PEFC-certified carboard tub offering the crème de la crème of decadent flavour ways:

  • Premia Cream de la Cream Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough and salted caramel sauce: A rich taste experience, where pieces of cookie dough and delicious salted caramel sauce are twisted into real vanilla ice cream.
  • Premia Cream de la Cream Banana ice cream with peanut cream and chocolate cookies: A fusion of hedonistic flavours, where a creamy peanut filling and crunchy pieces of chocolate cookie are added to the exotic banana ice cream made from real cream.
  • Premia Cream de la Cream Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and peanut cream: A decadent chocolate taste experience, where crunchy pieces of chocolate chip cookie and soft peanut cream are added to the real chocolate ice cream.


500ml Tubs offering decadent dulcet delights

In addition to new Premia Cream de la Cream line, Premia has also created two 500ml carton tubs that cater for the ultimate dulcet treat: one with coffee ice cream with salted caramel filling and waffle balls in milk chocolate and the other bringing together vanilla ice cream with walnuts and maple syrup. The Premia 500ml tubs are environmentally friendly with PEFC-certification.

1 Litre ‘Shared Dessert’ Tubs cream it by delighting consumers with Panna Cotta flavour

Premia has created 1-liter ice creams tubs for sharing with family and friends that leverage the creamy and light texture of panna cotta, the beloved Italian cream dessert. Premia Panna Cotta ice cream with fresh raspberry jam is a perfect combination of flavours, where the rich raspberry sauce compliments the soft Panna cotta flavoured ice cream.

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