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50 years and still innovating

One of Europe’s leading ice cream and dairy production and distribution groups Food Union is proud to announce an innovation for its legacy ice cream brand Pols – Pols ‘Snow Peaks’ – a box of cocoa glazed ice cream bites in a form of snow peaks. Emphasizing the company’s pedigree of half a decade in ice-cream, this celebratory box of 15-piece individual bite-size frozen delights is the perfect indulgence in the ice-cream confectionery segment. Encased in classic Pols designed and environmentally friendly packaging, the company continues to celebrate the brand’s 50-year anniversary.

With its iconic polar bear, Pols is a signature of an established and trusted ice-cream brand coming from the leading ice-cream producer in Latvia, Food Union. Continuing the snow-inspired theme, and echoing the shape of snow peaks, the new Pols ice cream bites range is chocolate enrobed and filled with the creamy rich, vanilla ice-cream that is the signature of Pols. The harmonious balance of milk chocolate made from cocoa butter is combined with the smooth finish of vanilla ice-cream made from the highest quality milk that will excite taste buds.

This is about blurring lines of product categories and driving the innovation cycle with creativity,” said Sandra Usacheva, Food Union ice cream brand manager. “Food Union’s group of brands look to its connection with consumers to deliver highly unique ice cream experiences and creating a frozen confectionery that is the next level of innovation.”

Pols is firmly committed to simple, high-quality, natural ingredients with natural stabilisers or emulsifiers. By using creamy milk produced by local farmers, its signature recipe offers farm-fresh goodness and a richness of taste. As a result, the brand and its well-known polar bear logo is recognised as a symbol of excellence in the industry.

The new product was a creation of Food Union’s Riga based Ice Cream Competence Centre, where a talented team of R&D experts carefully develop and test ice cream recipes for both Latvian and export markets. Food Union developed the novelty, using company’s latest ice cream line, the purchase of which two years ago invested about 2 million euros.


The Pols ‘Snow Peaks’ ice cream bites are served in an easy-to-open and environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard box, which, when released into the environment, breaks down completely without residue. This completely environmentally friendly packaging solution is used for the first time during the existence of the Pols brand. Each box contains indulgent trays of 15 ice creams with a total weight of 210 grams.


The new “Pols” ice cream bites are already available in the “Food Union” online store in Latvia, as well as starting from November will be available in the largest chain stores and small close-to-home shops throughout Latvia and Lithuania.


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