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New winter-season ice cream ekselence with mandarin and gingerbread flavor released

Especially for this winter season, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has released a new Ekselence winter-flavored ice cream with mandarin and gingerbread. Already from the beginning of December, the ice cream has been available at all of Latvia’s largest supermarkets and will be available in a limited amount only this winter.

“Every year, Ekselence releases a special winter flavored ice cream dessert. This season, we have combined two flavors which are very associated with Christmas – mandarin and gingerbread. These flavors, together with our creamy ice cream, creates a very harmonious combination of flavors, which will bring moments of tasty pleasure for all this season,” said Linda Petrovska, Food Union ice cream brand manager.

The luxurious winter taste of Ekselence ice cream is made of Latvian milk and cream with added crushed gingerbread cookies and grated mandarins. The ice cream is available in 1 liter containers and is decorated with images of gingerbread cookies. Each container of Ekselence Ziemas ice cream is unique, as they will surprise ice cream lovers with intriguing New Year predictions.

The new Ekselence winter ice cream will be available in Aibe, Baltstor, Elvi, Lats, Maxima, Mego, Prizma, Rimi, Stockmann and Tops supermarkets, as well as local shops.

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