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New Product: Kārums Cheesecake

Food Union has expanded the product range of the popular brand Kārums by adding to it an entirely new product – Kārums cheesecake. The new product has been created in the best traditions of the brand, with usual prudence and is free of any preservatives and vegetable fat. The company has invested a total of EUR 70,000 in the new product, including EUR 50,000 in special equipment.
Kārums cheesecakes have been created in the best Kārums traditions and with usual prudence – the cakes are free of any preservatives and vegetable fat. The main mass comprises cream cheese made of Latvian-produced milk, and delicate butter cookies make up the foundation of the cake.

“Kārums is one of the most popular brands among consumers. We wanted to please those, who have a sweet tooth, by giving them something new and very convenient to eat, especially considering that, regardless of the fast-paced life, Latvians show increasing preference for exquisite deserts. This is why we created Kārums cheesecakes – preservative-free, easy-to-store and very delicious,” says Ieva Ražinska, Marketing Manager of Food Union.

The very creamy taste of Kārums cheesecakes comes from light cream cheese and egg yolks but its crisp foundation is made of crushed whole-grain butter cookies. You can choose one of the two available frostings – raspberry or summer berries.

The product is excellently suited for consumption in different situations – a sweet break in the daily routine, a treat to visitors or a festive occasion – because it can be conveniently stored in the freezer and served in 12 hours after defrosting. Kārums cheesecakes are on sale at Stockmann shopping center, in Elvi, Top, Mego, Beta food stores as well as stores of Rimi and Maxima retail chains since November 13.

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