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New Latvian made ice cream – curd ice cream Kārums

The leading Latvian dairy company Food Union has created a new and unique curd ice cream Kārums with softly sour flavor. It is the first such ice cream in Latvia made up of high-quality curds, which is an excellent source of protein and calcium. Overall, Food Union has invested over EUR 120,000 in the production of the new line of Kārums curd ice cream.

The new Kārums ice cream is available in the two most popular curd snacks Kārums flavors – vanilla curd ice cream with chocolate coating and curd ice cream with caramel coating. The main ingredient of the product itself is curd, which is produced by high-quality Latvian milk, thus making it especially healthy and full of nutrients. Kārums curd ice cream is available in medium sized packaging – 60 grams, thus making it convenient for both grownups and children.

“This is something new in Latvia – the extremely popular curd snack Kārums is one of the best known Latvian products, which has now been transformed into an ice cream! The product itself retains its unique curd and sour-like flavor, which will certainly be popular among moderately sweet ice cream lovers. Enjoy delicious Kārums curd ice cream on a daily basis, when you want some healthier snacks, cool off in hot summer days, wherever you may be – on the beach with friends, at the garden with family or at work with colleagues,” said joint-stock Rīgas Piena Kombināts (Food Union group) board chairman Normunds Staņēvičs.

The new Kārums curd ice cream is already available in such supermarkets as Maxima and Mego, as well as many other local grocery stores.

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