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Latvia’s Centenary Anniversary Kārums Curd Snack

To mark the upcoming centenary of the State of Latvia, Food Union is releasing an anniversary edition of the popular curd snack Kārums, whose packaging celebrates people’s love for Latvia and how every person living here is part of the State of Latvia.

“Kārums is the most popular dairy brand in Latvia and one of the best-selling Latvian products, it is part of people’s daily routines, special occasions, it also makes a great souvenir. Each Kārums curd snack is an embodiment of happiness, laughter and home, no matter the place. More than 70 million curd snacks are made annually to be enjoyed every day by Latvians in Latvia and beyond – in Great Britain, United States, Israel, even Australia, as well as by people all over the world. For instance, Kārums is the best-selling curd snack in Estonia,” says Artūrs Čirjevskis, member of the board at SIA Rīgas Piensaimnieks (Food Union Group).

“If there is something we could do for Latvia ahead of its 100th anniversary, it is Kārums, thanks to its popularity, that offers the best way to convey the congratulatory message. Kārums anniversary snack has a vanilla flavor, while the packaging, for the year to come, will proclaim “Es esmu Latvija” (I Am Latvia) and “Mēs mīlam Latviju!” (We Love Latvia!). We are grateful to the Latvia 100 Office of the Ministry of Culture for supporting the project, as together we can do so much more to emphasize the importance of the anniversary of Latvia,” adds Ieva Ražinska, Food Union Marketing Manager.

Kārums vanilla curd snack in LV100 anniversary packaging will hit the shelves on November 18 this year. The anniversary edition of Kārums is also available in 7-piece multipacks. This is the first of Kārums brand’s activities marking Latvia’s centenary, which will bring joy and happiness for all who love Kārums during the next twelve months.

Kārums is one of the most popular brands in Latvia. Kārums products are made by the most experienced employees, they are preservative-free and made of natural products.

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