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Lakto Product Range Expanded

Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has invested EUR 20,000 into expanding the fermented milk product line Lakto, which now also includes three new flavors characteristic of fall in Latvia – apple, cherry, and cherry-cranberry flavors.

Those who prefer healthy lifestyle now have the opportunity to buy Lakto with green apple and cherry flavors in the large 500g packs, as well as Lakto with cherry-cranberry flavor in 100g packaging meant for one serving.

For over 20 years, Lakto has been the leading producer of fermented milk products in Latvia. All Lakto products are made of top-quality Latvian milk and the valuable L. acidophilus LA-5 and Bifidobacterium BB-12 lactic acid bacteria, which make healthy and tasty milk products for everyday use. Food Union is expanding the highly-popular line of fermented milk products by adding Lakto fermented milk products with apple, cherry and cherry-cranberry flavors to the 13 existing products, to provide the body with the much-needed energy during fall. Lakto is an excellent addition to the daily meals and also helps a lot if you are recovering from an illness. Lakto products contain no preservatives, stabilizers and starch. Lakto products in 500g packs are available in FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified Tetra Pak cartons that are environmentally-friendly and recyclable. The material for the packaging comes from forests run according to the FSC standards, where responsible forestry practices are enforced and new trees are planted.

“Fermented milk product Lakto, thanks to its successful recipe and added good bacteria, has become a popular product that many residents of Latvia use on a daily basis. Nutritionists say that cherries are some of the healthiest berries, they are especially recommended for people with kidney disease as cherries stimulate kidney function. Cherries improve blood circulation and increase metabolism, and all of that is why we are introducing Lakto with cherry flavor. Green apples, on the other hand, contain enormous amounts of minerals and vitamins, and it is this kind of support that the human body requires the most in the fall and winter months. Lakto products easily become a healthy lifestyle habit as they not only build up health, but also are very tasty. Furthermore, Lakto products contain just 1.8% fat and are excellent for those who care about their health and appearance,” says Ilona Jaroša, Food Union brand manager.

The total amount of Food Union’s investments in the expansion of Lakto product line is EUR 20,000.

The Lakto range now includes 21 products – five products with different flavors that come in one-serving 100g packs, five flavors in 220g glasses, six flavors in the large 500g packs, and five flavors in the new 330g packaging. The new Lakto products are already available at the Rimi, Maxima, Elvi, Top, Mego and Beta chain stores, as well as shopping mall Stockmann, Narvesen convenience stores and other small stores across Latvia.

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