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Lakto brand gains three new products

Food Union, the leading dairy processing company in Latvia, has expanded the fermented dairy product brand Lakto with three new products that have some of the most favourite flavours. The sea-buckthorn and classic Lakto, which, offered in 220 g and 500 g packs, have been among the most in-demand flavours, are now available in smaller 100 g packs. At the same time, the wild strawberry Lakto, which, offered in 500 g packaging, has so far been one of the most favourite flavours, is now offered in convenient 220 g cups. In total, the company has invested approximately 36 thousand euros in the Lakto brand this year.

Lakto is the fastest-growing product brand in the Food Union portfolio. Food Union’s sales of Lakto in Latvia over the first ten months of this year, compared to the same period last year, have grown by 35%. The products packaged in 220 g cups have shown the highest growth, with 107%.

All the Lakto products have top-quality Latvian milk and the essential L. acidophilus LA-5 and Bifidobacterium BB-12 lactic-acid bacteria as ingredients, which make them a healthy and delicious dairy product for daily use. These products do not contain stabilisers, starch or gelatine. In total, the Lakto brand comprises 15 products: five flavours in the 100 g one-serving packaging, six flavours in 220 g cups, and four flavours in the large 500 g packaging.

9 tips for using Lakto every day

Owing to its ingredients, Lakto is a versatile tool for those who care about their health, beauty, about product quality and convenience. Imagination is the only limit to how Lakto can be used for improving one’s well-being in their daily life. The Latvian Dietician and Nutritionist Association (LDUSA) offers some examples of situations when this fermented dairy product makes more than just a delicious and healthy meal:

Lakto is an excellent solution for when you miss a meal, when you are too much in a hurry to have time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
1) It could become your drink when the choice is between your fifth cup of coffee or sweet soda.
2) It could be a low-calorie snack before going to sleep, when the dinner was a long time ago, but, as you watch TV or read a book, you become a little peckish.
3) It could be a source of protein and calcium for after workout, helping muscles to repair themselves.
4) It could become an ingredient for a berry or vegetable smoothie.
5) It could be a substitute for milk for cereals and muesli.
6) It could be a substitute for kefir in cold soups, of a substitute for sour cream in salads.
7) It could be the main ingredient for marinades, making meat products juicy and tender.
8) And it could be used as a natural facial mask, for moisturising the skin and hair care.

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