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“Kārums” surprises with unique yoghurt bars and new flavors

Jaunie Kārumi

Following an overhaul of the visual identity and product packaging of the Kārums brand, this autumn season lovers of sweet dairy snacks are being offered eight new Kārums products. An entirely new kind of snacks – three yoghurt bars of various flavors and five new flavors of already familiar and popular Kārums products. The new products have been created in Riga – the recipes have been developed at Food Union’s Center of Excellence for Fresh Dairy and the products are being made at the new Kārums plant and Rīgas Piena Kombināts factory. Total investments made in the development and launch of the new products reach more than 100 000 euro.

“Kārums has to be a treat to every taste – this was our challenge as we were creating the new flavours of curd snacks, yoghurts and creams, which include both classical and exotic nuances, as well as notes familiar and dear to us since childhood. We are especially proud of our innovative product category – yoghurt bars meant for those who are looking for light alternatives to dairy treats or other snacks,” says Kārums Brand Manager Ilva Veidemane. She adds: “This autumn, Kārums is not only spruced-up but has undertaken a socially responsible role – through communication with consumers, the brand is encouraging people to find joy in everyday situations by saying compliments to relatives, friends, colleagues and ourselves. Share the good and receive it back, but if the right words fail you, serving a curd snack will say it without words”.

Yoghurt bars – a light and delicate treat
A light and healthier product line of the Kārums curd snack brand – yoghurt bars – has been created here in Latvia. Their ingredients include 51% of Greek yoghurt, which is based on valuable lactic acid bacteria and has higher protein content. The Kārums yoghurt bars contain 70% more proteins and 33% less fat than the classical curd snacks, which makes them a leaner takeaway alternative for those who like small snacks. The Kārums yoghurt bars come with three various flavours – vanilla, mango and strawberries – coated in tender Belgium chocolate.

New flavours for popular products
The family of iconic Kārums curd snacks has been joined by a new product, which has the currently popular cotton candy flavour and the traditional chocolate coating. With this taste familiar since childhood, it will please all gourmets, big and small. Two more exotic combinations of flavours – raspberry and pomegranate, as well as pineapple and coconut – have been added to the line of cream yoghurts. Hidden in a juicy layer of fruit beneath creamy yoghurt, they create a pleasant sensation of the mix of sweet and sour. A new Kārums cream yoghurt with bits of chocolate and cherries has been created for those who prefer classical flavours. The line of sweat Kārums creams has been expanded by adding a cream with pistachio flavour to the popular creams with chocolate, vanilla, caramel and tiramisu flavours.

Jogurta Kārums

Most of the new Kārums products (cotton candy curd snack, yoghurts and cream) are already available at and at local popular grocery chains (Rimi, Mego, Lats, Beta, Elvi, TOP, Aibe, Stockmann and soon also in other stores). The Kārums yoghurt bars will reach stores next week. There are also plans to export some of the new Kārums products to external markets, but it will be announced separately.

It has already been reported that the visual identity of Kārums has changed. The Kārums logo has become more laconic and up-to-date. The wrapping has kept its orange colour characteristic of Kārums products, but it now has a new, more noticeable logo, as well as easily and conveniently legible product names to make the consumers’ choice easier. Crow – a symbol familiar to many since childhood – has returned on the Kārums wrapping to embody the values of the Kārums brand – authenticity, sincerity, friendliness, lightness and simplicity.

With the latest changes in its product range, the Kārums portfolio will consist of more than 40 products, including curd snacks, yoghurts, desserts, curd creams and creamy curds, cottage cheeses, as well as ice cream and sweet cream. Please find the latest news on Kārums products on Kārums’ upgraded website:

About Kārums:
Kārums is one of the most popular dairy product brands in Latvia. The famous curd snack began to be produced in Latvia in the late 1940s, and it immediately became a favorite breakfast delicacy and snack for both children and adults, which is also convenient to eat on the go. In 1993, this cult product acquired a new identity – the name Kārums. Since then, the brand has not only developed a wide range of products and snacks made from the best milk, but also developed a bright, cheerful personality and a sincere sense of humor.

About Food Union group:
Food Union is the largest dairy company in Latvia and the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries. Food Union Group is made up of three largest dairy companies and ice cream makers in Latvia – Rīgas Piena Kombināts, Valmieras Piens, and Rīgas Piensaimnieks, Estonia’s largest ice cream maker Premia and Premia Lithuania, the leading Danish ice cream producer Premier Is and Danish ice cream distribution company Hjem Is, Norway’s ice cream company Isbjørn Is and ice cream delivery service company Den Norske, Romanian ice cream maker Alpin57Lux, and ice cream company Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus and Hladkombinat No.1 in Russia. In 2018 Food Union opened two dairy and children’s product plants in China. In 2019, Food Union group achieved EUR 277 million in turnover. Food Union group companies currently employ over 3,100 persons.

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