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Kārums Crow turns 30! Latvians invited to create the flavor of the new anniversary curd snack

The legendary Latvian brand Kārums celebrates a round 30 years of its beloved symbol –  Crow (Vārna in Latvian). To honor this milestone in Latvia, the leading dairy processing company Food Union has launched a special campaign Celebrate KRĀ! and once again invites people to create a new curd snack flavour to surprise the Crow on its birthday. The creation of the new anniversary curd snack flavour has already begun, and it will continue until June 5 on the website It is expected that the most popular of all the flavour combinations will become the special celebratory curd snack dedicated to the Crows’s anniversary and will hit the stores this autumn.

The Crow was “born” in 1994

An interesting historical fact – the Crow is not actually of the same age as Kārums, but rather a year younger. Why is that? Firstly, in 1993, the unique curd snack recipe that we know today was created, along with the product name – Kārums. However, the symbol that adorned the product packaging in the first year was a ginger cat. But already in the second year of Kārums existence, there were iconic changes – the vanilla curd snack was wrapped in an orange package, and the symbol was changed to Crow.

What flavour combinations can be created?

Within the Celebrate KRĀ! campaign, it is possible to create around 200 unique curd snack flavour combinations, such as rhubarb curd snack with garden berries in strawberry glaze, Tiramisu curd snack with salted caramel filling in chocolate glaze, or pistachio curd snack with blueberries in caramel glaze. In total, there are 15 curd flavours, 15 additional ingredients, and 3 glazes available. Which flavour will win – that is absolutely in the hands of the participants. However, it is already clear that Kārums Crow will be pleasantly surprised at the end of the campaign.

Celebrate KRĀ! campaign process

The campaign to create the new curd snack will take place in three stages. The first stage will run from April 23 to June 5, during which every Kārums fan – in Latvia and abroad – is invited to create their perfect Celebrate KRĀ! curd snack on the website, honoring the Crow on its 30th anniversary.

The second stage will take place in the summer. During this time, the masters of the Food Union Fresh Dairy Excellence Center will create the recipe for the anniversary curd snack, based on the flavour and combination of ingredients that people have voted for the most. Finally, in autumn, the third or celebratory stage will take place, resulting in the launch of the new anniversary curd snack in stores across Latvia.

Ilva Veidemane, brand manager of Food Union dairy product brands: “The best surprises are the ones we plan ourselves. That’s why we invite you to surprise yourselves and choose which new curd snack we’ll put on the table for Crow’s birthday celebrations in the autumn.”

As previously reported, in April of this year, Food Union has expanded the Kārums assortment with 3 new products – banana curdsnacks, lemon, and cranberry sweet cream creams. Therefore, the brand’s range now includes 36 products. In the sweet snack category, there are six types of products – 15 curd snacks, as well as curd snack multipack, 6 sweet cream creams, 4 bifido yogurts, 2 cream yogurts, 3 curd desserts, and 2 curd creams. In addition to sweet options, buyers are also offered 3 savory Kārums – 3 fresh cheeses with and without additives.

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