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Kārums brand introduces three spring novelties – banana curd snack and two desserts

Latvia’s most beloved food brand Kārums is making an anticipated announcement – during April, three new treats will delight consumers as they hit the shelves, expanding the variety of curd snack and sweet cream dessert categories. Leading dairy processing company in Latvia, Food Union, has invested over 50 thousand euros in the development and launch of these new products.

“A legendary randevous” – this could describe the new Kārums curd snack, featuring the taste of banana, the world’s most popular fruit. This banana curd snack is coated  in classic chocolate glaze, creating a bold and highly enjoyable flavor combination. Like all Kārums curd snacks, the new one is made according to the unique recipe created in 1993, with the main ingredient being high-quality curd, also known as cottage cheese.

Refreshing and juicy – are the words that describe the new Kārums sweet cream desserts, beloved by consumers for their airy, whipped texture. Now, these delicious desserts are also available in lemon and raspberry flavors.

Ilva Veidemane, brand manager of Food Union dairy products says: “Three new products in the Kārums lineup – it’s great news for every fan of our brand. But that’s not all! This year marks the round anniversary – 30 years since the famous Kārums crow was introduced, which means that this year we will delight Kārums lovers not only with these, but also with other delicious surprises”.

All three new products in the Kārums lineup are making their debut. Their recipes have been carefully crafted at the Fresh Dairy Excellence Center, located at the main production facility of Food Union: AS Rīgas piena kombināts in Riga, Latvia. Initially, the novelties will be available in stores across Latvia, and soon in Lithuania, Estonia, and other export markets.

Overall, Kārums offers 36 products. In the sweet snack category, there are six types of products – 15 curd snacks, as well as a curd snack multipack, six sweet cream desserts, four bifido yoghurts, two cream yoghurts, three curd desserts, and two curd creams. In addition to consumers, Kārums also offers three fresh cheeses with and without additives.


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