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How will the curd snack of the Song and Dance Festival taste? Kārums launches the initiative “Put Together The Chief-curd-snack”

Will it come in strawberry glaze with biscuit-flavored curd and poppy seeds, or maybe with chocolate covered quince-flavored curd and rye bread crumbs? These are just some of the unique versions of the new curd snack Kārums that will be chosen in a popular vote and created in honor of the “XXVII Nationwide Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival”.

Kārums curd snacks are our national treat which has never belonged to anyone else but the people. Knowing this, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has always been open to conversation about creation of new curd snack flavors and returning once popular and still unforgotten Kārums curd snacks to the shelves of the stores. Therefore, as Food Union has become a sponsor of the XXVI Nationwide Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival, the company has committed to creating the Festival’s Chief-curd-snack whose combination of flavors will be chosen by consumers on the company’s new website

“Our national treasure – the Song and Dance Festival – is proof of what a dedicated and united nation we are. We are also united by the Kārums brand – our national treat common to us all, even though everyone has their own most beloved taste of Kārums, since there are as many opinions about which is the tastiest curd snack as there are choir songs, choreographies and craftsman’s products. Therefore, in honor of the XXVI Nationwide Song and XVII Dance Festival, we invite everyone to come together virtually (for a singalong), to choose the taste of the new Kārums Chief-curd-snack,” says Ieva Lejniece, Food Union Board Member and Head of Marketing in Latvia.

“Collaboration is one of the song festival’s values. None of the 26 song and dance festivals has been created without it. And all of us are proud of it. We are also just as proud of achievements in other spheres that have become nearly canonic and are strongly associated with our country. Also in terms of taste. We are therefore inviting everyone to creative participation by creating your own blend of flavors together with Food Union,” says Daina Markova, Executive Director of the “XXVII Nationwide Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival”

“Put Together The Chief-curd-snack” initiative will take place in three stages

The first stage starts today, March 14, and will last until April 3. As part of this stage, every sweet-tooth, participant of the festival, volunteer and fan are invited to create their own ideal Kārums curd snack on by choosing flavors for the glaze, curd and additional ingredients.

The second stage will last for two months – in April and May. During that time, masters from Food Union’s Center of Excellence of fresh dairy products will be creating a recipe for the popularly chosen Chief-curd-snack with the most often selected flavors.

The third stage will be the culmination point of the Kārums initiative. Already in June this year, the Chief-curd-snack, chosen by the consumers, will go on sale, becoming Food Union’s special tribute to Latvia’s people, celebrating the XXVI Nationwide Song and XVII Dance Festival. Meanwhile, the company will be catering to participants throughout the festival, providing them with a wide variety of fresh dairy products.


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