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Four New Rasēns Brand Products Introduced

The leading dairy company in Latvia Food Union has added several new features to its line of Rasēns brand 100% naturally fermented milk beverages. The new raspberry and multi-fruit flavored drinks, and the popular strawberry-banana drinks are now available in a new packaging solution – 220g capped “on the go” bottles. Meanwhile, the popular orange-mango flavored beverage is now available in 100g packaging. The dairy company has invested a total of EUR 25,000 in expanding the Rasēns product range.

The Rasēns flavored milk products available in the new 220g packaging are in the raspberry, strawberry-banana and multi-fruit flavors. Rasēns is also releasing for the first-time its capped “on the go” bottles, which are very convenient when out and about, or packing into a school lunch box for the children or in a picnic basket. At the same time, the company has also introduced a new orange-mango flavor milk drink in 100g packaging, which is perfect to enjoy instantly.

“Rasēns is a perfect product to teach the little ones proper nourishment habits, giving them not only healthy, but also nutritional and tasty treats in their favorite fruit flavors. Speaking about a nutritious diet for children, we can improve their immune systems, nervous systems and ensure a healthy dose of energy, which is very important for children. These fermented milk drinks for children can serve as a small snack at home after school before dinner, or as a snack before sports activities, as they are much healthier than other sugary and fatty snacks,” explains Ilona Jaroša, Food Union brand manager.

These milk products are the perfect solution for trips, as well as a valuable component for children in their daily diets, as they are 100% natural. The products are made with top-quality Latvian milk, which is an important source of calcium for children. They do not contain stabilizers or added starch. Rasēns also uses natural flavoring in the production process, which contain vitamins A, B6, B12, D, folic acid and calcium, which are necessary for any growing organism. These drinks, thanks to the bifidobacterium BB-12 and acidophilus LA-5 they contain, facilitate the normal digestion process and helps maintain and protect the human organism against illness.The overall volume of bacteria in each bottle is not less than 1×107 KVV/g.

Rasēns features a range of 17 different products, all of them in accordance with the Cabinet of Minister regulations on nutritional nourishment for pre-school and elementary school children, and thus the sugar and fat content of these products are in accordance with a healthy and balanced diet for pre-school and elementary school children.

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