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Food Union strengthens its position in drinkable yoghurt segment

As demand for fermented dairy products Lakto has risen this year, Latvia’s leading dairy group Food Union has become a market leader in the category of drinkable yoghurts by value of sold products. At the same time, the company continues investments in development of Lakto assortment and is launching several new products.

Customers’ Choice No.1

In line with the data by market analyst Nielsen, in January-October this year, the share of Food Union drinkable yoghurts has increased to 34%, which is the biggest indicator in the whole sector. The company’s Lakto brand has seen a special rise in consumption – in a year demand for its products has risen by +3.6%, reaching 27.5% share or the largest market share in the drinkable yoghurt segment. Such a steep rise of customers’ appetite for fermented dairy products can be explained with the company’s strategic decision to reduce the amount of sugar in all Lakto products and to develop a new kind of products in spring – Lakto Graudi (Lakto Grain), adding fibres to the products. The most popular Lakto Graudi product variety is with prune, 5 grains and linseed.

Citrus taste, small portions, valuable ingredients
The late autumn season is one of the moments in a year when consumers more often choose to put fermented dairy products and citrus fruit full of vitamins in their shopping baskets. Therefore, Food Union specialists have created two new fermented dairy drinks Lakto with citrus fruit – Lakto with lime and green apple and Lakto with lemon and figs. Both new products are drinkable yoghurts that are available in single-serving or 100-gram bottles, and the company has invested EUR 20,000 in their development.

The new Lakto products contain vitamins A, D, B6, B12 and calcium. Like all other Lakto products, these are also made by adding the acidophilus and bifidobacteria, boosting immunity and digestion, and only natural fruit and berries to the highest-quality milk from Latvian farmers.

“Lakto is a very special brand. It has become the most popular drinkable yoghurt in the everyday of Latvian residents, which is natural because people more often choose locally-produced, functional products that help to feel better and are convenient in use. Keeping the small Lakto bottles at hand – in a fridge at home, office or in a bag, you can always be sure that when you are hungry, you will have something really tasty and valuable, and be ready to go!” said Food Union dairy product brand manager Ilona Jaroša.

The new fermented dairy products Lakto in single bottles or in a convenient package of four are already available in Latvia’s largest retail networks (Maxima, Mego, Elvi, Top, Beta, as well as Stockmann department store) and other smaller local stores.

At present consumers are offered 21 varieties of fermented dairy product Lakto, including six kinds of drinkable Lakto in single-serving or 100-gram packaging, three kinds of Lakto in 220-gram cups, six kinds or drinkable Lakto in convenient and environmentally-friendly 450-gram bottles, and six kinds of fibre-rich Lakto Graudi with grain.

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