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Food Union releases first milk product in Latvia enriched with protein

Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has expanded its popular fermented milk product line Lakto and created a completely new product never before produced in Latvia – Lakto PRO. This is a fermented milk product enriched with natural milk protein and vitamins, thus making it suitable for everyday consumption as a healthy snack or source of energy for persons living an active lifestyle, and not just for professional athletes. Lakto PRO is available in a convenient 330g packaging in banana and strawberry flavors. Food Union has already invested EUR 120,000 in the creation of the new Lakto PRO line of products, and is planning on expanding the line in the near future with new Lakto PRO products.

The contents of the new Lakto PRO products include 20 grams or one portion of natural milk protein, which gives energy and helps build muscles. The product is made from top-quality Latvian milk, with the good lactic acid bacteria L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium included in the product. It is also enriched with vitamins A, B6, B12, D and folic acid, and does not include any preservatives.

“The global trend shows that despite the dynamic rhythm of life, people are trying to eat products which are healthier and high in quality. This is also shown by Latvian residents in an opinion survey, where 46% of respondents stated that yoghurts are one of their most favorite snacks, while another 62% expressed the desire to supplement their meals with products rich in protein. This is why, to the joy of those living an active and healthy lifestyle, we have created the unique Lakto PRO product line, which is a highly valuable source of natural protein in convenient packaging. Drink it during the day when you are thirsty, as well as before or after exercising, with the aim of gaining additional energy and staying fit,” said Ilona Jaroša, the manager of the Lakto brand.

Lakto PRO products are available in convenient Tetra Pak carton packaging, which are made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified carton materials. The FSC standard guarantees responsible forest management and regeneration.

The new Lakto products are already available at the Rimi, Maxima, Elvi, Top, Mego and Beta chain stores, as well as shopping mall Stockmann, Narvesen convenience stores and other small stores across Latvia.

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