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Food Union receives Health Award 2015

Yesterday, October 6, the leading milk processing company in Latvia – Food Union, received the annual Health Award 2015 from the Latvian Medical Association (LMA) for its contribution in improving the public’s overall health by refraining from using trans-fats in its dairy products. The award itself was presented by LMA President Pēteris Apinis.

“For food producers, praise and satisfaction comes the most when consumers choose specifically their products. This means that we have hit a home-run. When we, as a producer, receive praise from medics and experts, this means that we have done more than what the consumer wants from us. In our case, giving up trans-fats and other artificial additives in our products was a deliberate approach from us. We will continue to go down this road, so that we can offer higher quality and healthier dairy products for our customers,” Normunds Staņēvičs, the board chairman of Rīgas piena kombinats (Food Union), said after receiving the award.

Since 2012, Food Union has completely declined from using vegetable fat in the production of its dairy products, and has almost completely halted using it in its ice cream production. This means that Limbažu piens, Valmiera, Lakto, Rasa, Rasēns, Mana Saime dairy products as well as Ekselence, Pols, Tio, Nu Fruit and Nu Smoothie ice-cream products, have no vegetable fat.

This is the third time the annual Health Awards 2015 have been presented by the LMA. The awards are presented in 10 nominations – contributions towards improving the health of the Latvian public, contributions in the development of sports, contribution in improving Latvia’s ecology and the health of the environment, contribution in manufacturing healthy products, and contribution in informing the public about health related matters. This year, nominees were chosen by LMA, as well as representatives from state and public organizations.

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