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Food Union receives 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals at Riga Food 2014 Food fair

Latvia’s leading dairy processing company Food Union received two gold, two silver and one bronze medal at the annual dairy product contest that takes place as part of the Riga Food 2014 food fair. The first place and the gold medal in kefir category went to the ‘Valmiera’ kefir with 2.0% fat content produced by AS ‘Valmieras piens’ (product engineer: Emilija Lapa), while in the fresh cream cheese category, the first place and the gold medal was taken by ‘Lapzemes siers’ produced by AS ‘Valmieras Piens’ (product engineer: Baiba Ostašova).

The ‘Limbažu piens’ kefir with 2.5% fat content produced by AS ‘Rīgas piena kombināts’ (product engineer: Ludmila Osipova) took the second place and received the silver medal, while in the sour cream with 20% fat content category, the second place and the silver medal went to the ‘Valmiera’ sour cream produced by AS ‘Valmieras piens’ (product engineer: Emilija Lapa).

The ‘Valmiera’ quarg produced by AS ‘Valmieras piens’ (product engineer: Emilija Lapa) took the third place and received the bronze medal in the quarg with 9% fat content category.

‘We are very glad to have received five medals in the Riga Food 2014 dairy product competition. The fact that the jury gave four of these medals to Latvia’s favourite brand ‘Valmiera’, appreciating the product quality and taste characteristics, makes us particularly happy. This is why we would like to express our special thanks to our milk suppliers and product engineers for their determined contribution in making top-quality products,’ the board chair of AS Valmieras piens (Food Union group) Māris Cers expressed his approval.

The dairy product competition at the Riga Food fair is organised by the Latvian Central Union of Dairy Producers in cooperation with the international fair organiser BT 1 and with the financial support of the State Rural Network.

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