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Food Union product brands voted as the most loved in Latvia and the Baltics

The most beloved Baltic brands were awarded in the ceremony of the Baltic Brand Ranking on September 21. Food Union product brands have been highly recognized in Latvia and the Baltics, taking top spots in the ranking and earning awards in 23 categories in total. The dairy product brand Kārums remains an undisputed leader among most loved food industry brands in Latvian and across the Baltics.

Food Union brand Kārums earned the top praise on the Baltic scale ranking first among the most loved food products in the Baltic States. In the category of Most Loved Baltic Brands, Kārums climbed 3 positions to the respectable 16th place.

In the national competition, Food Union brands earned praise and won valuable awards in several categories. Kārums, the brand of curd snacks and other dairy treats, won the title of Most Loved Local Food Product. Among ice cream brands – Ekselence ranked 2nd, Pols 3rd and Tio 4th, while Karlsons took 5th place.

In the category of Most Loved Ice Creams in Latvia, 1st place was awarded to the gourmet ice cream brand Ekselence. The legendary, bold and eternally youthful Pols ranked 2nd and the best cocktail ice cream Tio came 3rd, while Karlsons, which marks the 30th anniversary this year, was ranked 4th.

In the category Most Loved Dairy Products in Latvia, 1st place went to Kārums and Dzintars was named 2nd best loved brand in this category. Valmiera products won 3rd place and Limbazu Piens 4th place. The popular fermented drink and yogurt brand Lakto took 7th place.

In Estonia, the ice cream brand Eriti Rammus took 2nd place in the category of Most Loved Producer in Estonia. Meanwhile, Kārums took 5th place in the category Most Loved Dairy Product in Estonia.

Products of Food Union Group dominated the category of Most Loved Ice Creams also in Estonia, with Eriti Rammus taking the top spot, children’s ice cream Väike Tom ranking 3rd and the legendary Premia ice cream taking the 4th position.

Most loved brands have been ranked for 18th time in Latvia and for 11th time in across the Baltics.

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