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Food Union Presents Products to the Chinese Market

Today Food Union, the leading dairy production company in Latvia, presented diary products for exports to China: RASA milk and Rasens milk drink, RASA fresh and spreadable cheese, RASA butter, and Ekselence, Pols, and Nu Fruit ice creams. Chinese food quality and safety control system (HACCP) audit is expected to take place next January at Food Union’s production units in Latvia within 2-3 months of which Food Union is expected to receive a certification for exports to China.

“China is currently the biggest dairy product importer. However, the Chinese market is not homogeneous, consumer tastes change across regions and they are developing quickly. Participating in the World of Food Beijing 2014 – the biggest food fair in the North China and receiving praise from the potential buyers led us to believe that dairy products produced in Latvia have a potential on the Chinese market, however, they need high added value and long period of validity,” Normunds Stanevics (Normunds Staņēvičs), AS Rigas piena kombinats (Food Union Group) Chairman of the Board, explains.
As reported earlier, in November Food Union participated in the World of Food Beijing 2014, the biggest food fair in the North China, where it presented RASA butter and fresh and spreadable cheese, Rasens milk drinks for children, Limbazu piens fresh cheese and Lapland cheese Valmiera as well as industrial products: milk powder and whey powder. Food Union also presented Ekselence premium ice cream, Nu Fruit fruit ice cream and Nu Smoothie and the most popular Latvian ice cream Pols at its stall.

In 2014 Food Union began exports to 8 new markets: the UK, Iceland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Lebanon, Libia, and the USA. Food Union is now exporting to 28 countries around the world. The main export product categories are cream cheese, butter, ice cream, and industrial milk products produced in Latvia. Exports currently account for 27% of the overall Food Union’s output volumes.

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