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Food Union launches six brand-new Pols and three Jungle Pop ice creams for the 2023 summer season

Did you know that the first heralds of summer are ice creams with new flavours, which are already filling store freezers? Just like every year, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has been thoroughly preparing for this coming summer season, developing a brand new, amazingly tasty collection of ice creams. The new range includes nine Pols and Jungle Pop ice creams, which are very popular with consumers, and more than EUR 85,000 has been invested in the development and launch of the ice creams.

The hottest ice cream trends

“In the development of new products, we follow the hottest ice cream trends at the moment so that every sweet tooth, be it adults or children, could find their new favourite ice cream or even several ice creams this summer. Ice cream recipes with nostalgic and heart-warming flavours of childhood treats, such as marmalade and waffles, are particularly relevant at the moment. Dairy-free ice creams, including juice ice creams, have already found their place in the market. Oddly-shaped ice creams are back in fashion again, with expressive glazed caps or wrapped around a stick. Finally, environmentally-friendly packaging, along with ingredients of the highest quality, has become integral to added value of ice cream brands,” says Ieva Lejniece, Food Union Marketing Manager and Member of the Board in Latvia.

Classic fruits, expressive glaze and sustainable packaging

A summer walk, a trip to the beach or sitting by a fountain in a park – all of this will be remembered more vividly when you eat one of Latvia’s most legendary ice cream brands Pols, which will now be available in three new different versions. Two new Pols ice creams (in 100 g packaging) have been created for ice cream lovers: Banana and Chocolate, and Crunchy Strawberry. Both are available in a large wafer cone and have the characteristic pointed and crispy chocolate glaze cap. And there is also a new Pols on a stick, a strawberry-flavoured ice cream in bright-red strawberry glaze (70 g), created especially for this summer.

It is important to note that the new Pols ice creams are available in sustainable packaging made with 50% organic materials. Therefore, by choosing these products in stores, consumers help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in nature and carbon emissions caused by the production of plastic.

Polar bear’s greetings to families

You can never have too much Pols ice cream, which is why a new, family-sized format has been added to the range of this always relevant brand: ice cream in an 800 ml tub, convenient to keep in the freezer and eat with a spoon. The ice cream is available in three dessert flavours – Pols Jelly Candy, an ice cream made of cream with blackcurrant sauce, marmalade flavour and jelly candies, Pols Waffle Crisps – cream and vanilla ice cream with nougat sauce and crunchy chocolate bits, and Pols Crunchy Chocolate – cream biscuit-flavoured ice cream with milk chocolate-flavoured filling and wafer bits.

These Pols ice creams also come in sustainable packaging, which can be sorted and is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, these plastic tubs can be reused, thus reducing the environmental footprint.

 Jungle flavours on a stick

Tropical ice cream brand Jungle Pop presents three new ice creams on a stick. Vegans will appreciate a refreshing ice cream with apple lemonade flavour (60 ml). In addition, Jungle Pop for the first time offers two double-flavoured milk ice creams: one is a combination of greenish pineapple and yellow banana-flavoured ice creams made of cream, and the other one has pink watermelon and light yellow melon-flavoured ice cream on a stick (80 ml).

All new ice cream recipes have been created by local ice cream professionals at the Food Union Ice Cream Competence Centre in Riga, and they are primarily meant for the Latvian market. However, some of the new Pols and Jungle Pop ice creams will soon be exported to Lithuania, Romania, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Iraq and Poland.

The new ice creams are already available at Food Union online store, as well as in largest retail chains and smaller convenience stores across Latvia. During May, there will be even more new products at stores popular with Latvian customers.


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