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Food Union kicks-off Summer of 2024 with 55 industry trending ice cream novelties

Food Union, an international ice cream producer and distributor, has demonstrated its continued commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction with the launch of its 2024 high season novelties. A total of 55 new ice cream products have been developed, taking into account global trends and local consumer preferences across six European markets.

Food Union is set to entertain the ice cream market in 2024 with a range of novel products that cater to the latest consumer trends. Embracing the demand for healthy indulgence, the new offerings include “lighter” alternatives with low sugar and low fat, while also introducing innovative textures like jelly-like consistency for more convenient on-the-go snacking. Vegan-friendly sorbets provide refreshing options for all, and adult-themed, alcohol-flavored ice creams cater to sophisticated palates. Exotic fruits and savory berries continue to captivate, while juicy sauce fillings and twirls add excitement to each bite. Salted caramels and nuts remain popular for their soothing flavors, and classic favorites make a nostalgic return, ensuring there’s something for everyone in Food Union’s diverse and exciting 2024 lineup.

From surprisingly innovative to recognasibly classical, from rich in cream to refreshingly lean and vegan-friendly, from juicy and fruity to creamy and crunchy – is how this year’s summer is going to taste when it comes to quality indulding frozen treat in form of 55 novel ice cream products prepared by Food Union R&D and marketing team to be distributed in total of 6 home markets – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway and Romania,” says Artūrs Čirjevskis, CEO of Food Union in Europe. 

The 2024 novelties are grounded in trends that are shaping the industry:

“Lighter” ice creams with low sugar and low fat. This trend is driven by increasing health consciousness, dietary trends favoring low-carb and low-fat options, improved nutritional label transparency, and innovations in food technology that allow for healthier alternatives without compromising taste. Food Union continues to prioritize the development of numerous products to cater these consumer needs:

In Estonia: Premia 40% less sugar ice cream with mango-passion filling on a stick, 50g/ 100ml and Premia 40% less sugar ice cream with raspberry filling on a stick, 50g/ 100ml;

In Latvia: Tio Vēsma wafer cup small apple 0.7% 0.12l/0.075kg and Tio Vēsma wafer cup small lemon 0.7% 0.12l/0.075kg

In Denmark: Underground Mango-Lime – mango ice cream with lime limonade coating on a stick, 83 ml, with only 50 kcal per piece, and Underground cone with salty caramel ice cream with only 151 kcal per piece.


Vegan-friendly ice creams. The broader acceptance and introduction into our everyday lives of plant-based diets and the desire for healthier, innovative dessert options without compromising taste is the main driver of prevalence of vegan-friendly ice creams on the market. Every year Food Union introduces with a range of vegan-friendly products across almost all markets:

In Latvia: Tio Vēsma small mango sorbet on a stick with 0% fat, 0.06l/0.044kg, and Tio Vēsma small raspberry sorbet on a stick with 0% fat, 0.06l/0.044kg;

In Estonia: Premia cherry sorbet on a stick, 73g/ 80ml;

In Lithuania: Klasika Mango sorbet on a stick, 73g/ 80ml, and Klasika Strawberry sorbet on a stick, 73g/ 80ml.


Adventurous ice creams. Those, who perceive ice cream enjoyment as an adventure, can’t wait for the summer with new, exciting cold delicacies. This is true with respect to both young ice cream lovers and adults, for whom life is still one big playground. Food Union respects this ‘joie de vivre’ and this year has created a range of ice creams in different shapes, sizes and designs – from crazy flavoured creamy ice cream to refreshingly jolly juice lollies.

In Denmark: Premier Is Astronaut Blue Raspberry – lemonade ice cream with raspberry flavour on a stick – in the shape of the space ship, Premier Is Chewis Apple ice cream with apple winegum coating, and Premier Is AI-scream mini pint with banana ice cream with blueberry rippel and choko-coated popcorn in 125 ml tub;

In Latvia: Jungle Pop bubble gum flavoured ice lolly with a jelly like texture with 0,5% fat, 0.07l/0.07kg;

In Estonia: Väike Tom Star-shaped vanilla ice cream in strawberry glaze with cookie pieces on a stick, 55g/ 95 ml.


Classic ice creams in new interpretations. Consumers are increasingly drawn to familiar flavors enhanced with exciting new elements like juicy sauce fillings and twirls, which add a burst of flavor and texture, making traditional choices feel fresh and indulgent. Food Union has always recognized consumers’ desire for comfort and familiarity in nostalgic flavours that evoke fond memories while providing a delightful treat that stands the test of time, and 2024 is no exception with these novelties:

In Latvia: Ekselence ice cream with Cherry flavoured Riga Black Balsam in wafer cone, 0.22l/0.11kg;

In Denmark: Premier Is Nøddeknas wafer cone with hazelnut and pistachio ice cream, 200ml, Premier Is Æblekage m. makron – apple ice cream with macron, 440ml, and Premier Is Rødgrød m. fløde – triple red berry ice cream with white choko coated meringue inclusions, 440 ml;

In Estonia: Eriti Rammus Vanilla ice cream with salted caramel in wafer cone, 100g/ 200ml, and Eriti Rammus Pistachio ice cream in waffle cone, 100g/ 200ml;

In Lithuania: Pols Vanilla bourbon ice cream with nougat filling and hazelnuts with milk chocolate flavoured coating in wafer cone,150ml/ 90g, and Pols Cream mango ice cream with raspberry filling and mango coating in wafer cone, 150ml/ 90g;

In Romania: Transalpina TRIO Caramel ice cream in waffle cone, and Transalpina TRIO Chocolate ice cream in waffle cone.



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