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Food Union invests EUR 800,000 in development of Valmiera dairy products brand

Latvia’s leading dairy group Food Union continues development of Latvian dairy traditions and has invested more than EUR 800,000 in the advancing the popular dairy products brand Valmiera. As a result, nine brand new yogurts have been added to the brand portfolio, a modern visual identity has been created for the entire product range, and the curd production process is being modernized.

New visual identity and production line
In order to make Valmiera dairy products look more modern and to enhance their overall competitiveness on the market, the brand’s visual appearance and positioning have gone through significant changes. Now all Valmiera products have a new visual identity – a laconic logo, bright elements and modern color tones, combined with the name “Valmiera”, the highest quality standard among dairy product experts for several generations.

“The Valmiera brand has historically been strong in traditional dairy product categories such as sour cream and cottage cheese. At the same time, Valmiera experts have always been ready to experiment and create new, unprecedented flavors and products. That is why we set the following goal – the brand needs to become more advanced to reach out to today’s demanding customers, both in product diversity and design, and in communication. That is why Valmiera is ready to surprise you not only with delicious, quality and beautiful new products, but also with a very emotional communication campaign about pienapuika,” says Ilva Veidemane, Manager of Food Union Dairy Brands.

In the meantime, the company has started work on modernizing the production of Valmiera wholegrain cottage cheese by purchasing a new cottage cheese production line, and continued work on the development of new Valmiera products.

9 yogurts with amazing flavors
In order to give consumers the opportunity to incorporate even more fresh, healthy and, taste-wise, very modern Latvian dairy products into their daily diets, Food Union experts have developed nine new Valmiera brand yogurts with unprecedented fruit, berry and floral flavors.

Brand new Bifido yogurts Valmiera are made with valuable BB-12 bifidobacteria and contains reduced sugar amount. These products are available in three flavors – mango and maracuja, strawberry and aloe, blueberry and lavender. Bifido yogurts are packed in 320g glasses and have a thicker texture, so they can be easily eaten with a spoon at home at the breakfast table, in the afternoon or in the evening as a healthier snack.

Valmiera is also introducing a series of drinking yogurts for consumers with a more dynamic lifestyle, available in convenient and environmentally friendly PET bottles (290g and 730g). This line of Valmiera products will surprise yogurt lovers with four flavors – peach with jasmine, apple with lime, blueberry with lavender, and mango-vanilla yogurt that already is popular with consumers.

Now Valmiera portfolio includes 31 products: milk and kefir (1L), three smaller-size sour creams (320g) and three larger-size sour creams (450g), butter (180g) and cream (200ml), three classic cottage cheeses (180g) and two wholegrain cottage cheeses (300g), two Greek yogurts (370g), three Bifido yogurts (370g), six drinking yogurts (two in 730g, four in 290g bottles), five fermented milk products (four in 300g and one in 750g packaging).

All new Valmiera products are already available at Latvia’s largest chain stores Maxima, Rimi, Mego, Elvi, Top!, Aibe, Vesko, Beta, Lats, Sky, Cash&Carry, department stores Elkor, Stockmann, also at Depo, Narvesen, Cirkle K and at smaller stores across Latvia.

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