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Food Union invests EUR 80,000 in production of new Lakto category with fiber

Keeping in line with the global trends, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has developed a new category of functional and healthy fermented products Lakto, adding a new type of product to the Lakto range – the high-fiber Lakto Grain (Lakto Graudi). The company invested EUR 80,000 in the development of the new category, which includes products available in four flavors and two sizes, and in modernization of production technology.

In order to satisfy the different needs of Latvian customers, the Lakto Grain range includes four different flavors, enriched not only with the much-needed fiber, but also with natural fruit and berry supplements.

For those consumers who prefer their Lakto reacher and eat it with a spoon, there are three Lakto Grain varieties available, filled in 180g cups. These fermented dairy products are produced based on a unique thermostat technology. A cup of this size is good for an unhurried snack at home or during a lunch break at work, and the following flavors are available: Mirabelle plum, quince and chia seeds; blueberry, linseed and 5 grains; as well as oats, wheat, and rye. For those who prefer drinkable yogurts, there are the following Lakto Grain flavors: oats, wheat and rye; prune, 5 grains and linseed; and Mirabella plum, quince and chia seeds. These products are filled into the handy 270g bottles that are convenient to take along when going to work or the gym.

“Taking into consideration that global and also local trends show that increasingly more consumers are interested in healthy snacks they can eat on the go, we have developed not just a unique, but also a very tasty and functional fermented milk product. The fiber in it, in combination with valuable bacteria, will not only relieve hunger and provide energy, but also promote normal functioning of the body and improve well-being,” explains Ilona Jaroša, manager of Food Union dairy product brands.

Lakto is a unique product created by Latvian scientists, a popular addition to residents’ day-to-day diet for more than 25 years. It is produced from the highest quality Latvian milk by adding acidophilus bacteria and bifidobacteria, which are good for immunity and help the digestive system. Lakto Grain products are rich in fiber, helping the body to function as best as possible. Lakto Grain is not only a good source of energy, it will also help you stay in shape and be ready for new challenges.

The new fermented milk products Lakto Grain with fiber are already available at Rimi, Maxima, Elvi, Top, Mego, Beta, Narvesen, Sky and Depo chain stores, Stockmann shopping mall, Cirkle K and Neste filling stations, as well as at smaller stores across Latvia.

In total, there are 22 products in Lakto fermented dairy product range: three varieties of drinkable Lakto Grain in 270g packaging and three in 180g cups, six Lakto flavors in the large 450g packaging, five flavors filled in single-serving 100g cups, three flavors in 220g cups, and two Lakto PRO varieties in a new-design 280g packaging.

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