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Food Union invests EUR 625,000 in production of new curd snack Kārums in Belgian chocolate coating

Food Union, the leading dairy company in Latvia, has expanded the product range of its popular Kārums brand with a new category of products by creating curd snacks with filling of a new shape and coated with Belgian chocolate. The amount of investments made in the development and launch of the new products, including the purchase of a new production line, which has been installed at the Food Union Center of Excellence for Fresh Dairy Products, is nearly EUR 625,000.

Altogether, the company has created three new Kārums curd snacks – with chocolate pieces and with salty caramel filling, covered with dark Belgian chocolate coating, and curd snacks with raspberry-pomegranate filling coated with white Belgian chocolate. The new curd snacks have not only exquisite flavor but also a new shape. In the nearest future, they will come in a special packaging with a tear tape for opening to make the product even more enjoyable for every gourmet.

“Curd snack Kārums is a legendary local dessert the range of which we decided to expand by adding even more exquisitely tasting snacks and convenient packaging for hasty daily life. The new curd snacks in Belgian chocolate coating are the beginning of several innovations both in the category of curd snacks and the segment of other snacks enjoyable on the go, which we plan to launch as we develop the Center of Excellence for Fresh Dairy Products,” says Food Union Marketing Director Ieva Ražinska.

Importantly, curd is the main ingredient of all Kārums snacks, which Food Union dairy experts make from the best-quality milk supplied by Latvian farmers. The Kārums range includes more than 45 products – curd snacks, yogurts, various curd, yogurt and sweet cream desserts, fresh cheeses, sweet cream and butter.

The new Kārums curd snacks with Belgian chocolate coating are already available at the stores of Rimi, Maxima, Elvi, Mego, AIBE and Lats chains, Stockmann department store, Narvesen stores and Neste fuel stations. Soon, they will be available also in other retail outlets across Latvia.

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