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This year, the concluding phase of a large-scale investment project by Food Union, Latvia’s leading milk processing and ice cream production company, has begun. It foresees further modernization of the production processes at “Rīgas piena kombināts” and, simultaneously, optimization of manual work that has been carried out thus far. As a result, within the first half of 2024, three of the company’s busiest production lines will be supplied with new automation equipment.

The project was launched in early 2023 in cooperation with the “Lauku atbalsta dienests,” and its total value has increased to  2.7 million EUR over the course of the year. Last year, the selection of equipment suppliers within the framework of European Union was organised  by implementing public procurement processes. Currently, the majority of the equipment has already been delivered to Latvia and is being prepared for gradual assembly.

First, in the “Food Union” fresh dairy products workshop, an automatic cream cheese filling, labeling, and palletizing machine worth 440,000 EUR will be installed. This will allow to accelerate the production process of  the brand “Rasa” cream cheese, which is highly popular in Latvia and in export markets.

In addition, an automatic packaging, labeling, and palletizing machine for curd snack will be installed, valued at 701,000 EUR. It will ensure a more efficient production of this highly favoured product group amongst consumers, most recognized by buyers in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia under the name of the legendary brand “Kārums.”

Finally, an automatic ice cream packaging line valued at over 1.6 million EUR will be installed at the “Food Union” ice cream competence centre. Thanks to this, packaging of consumer beloved ice cream brands such as “Pols,” “Karlsons,” and “Ekselence” will finally become fully technology-driven, which will contribute to faster production of these products and even greater availability in stores.

Artūrs Čirjevskis, CEO of  “Food Union” group in Europe and Member of the Board of “Rīgas piena kombināts”, comments: “In a modern food production facility, everything, but most importantly, everyone has to do something that contributes to higher productivity. Production equipment must be highly automated and modern to ensure that filling, labeling, and packaging of products is not only fast but also of high quality and safe. Meanwhile, human resources should be redirected towards tasks that add higher value, such as developing new recipes, servicing technological equipment, and overseeing production processes and product quality control.”

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