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Food Union creates the first lactose-free fermented dairy product line in Latvia – Lakto Imuno

With healthy lifestyles and various diet plans gaining popularity, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union has invested 90,000 euros in the development of its most functional brand Lakto. This has resulted in the creation of a truly unique product category – the first fermented dairy product line in Latvia, Lakto Imuno lactose-free and contains 20 billion lactic acid bacteria. The composition of the new products has also been enriched with immunity and energy boosting vitamins A, B6, B12 and D.

The recipe of the lactose-free dairy product Lakto Imuno has been developed by leading food technologists from the Food Union’s Center of Excellence for Fresh Milk Products in Riga. The product is made at the company’s specialized production plant Valmieras Piens in Valmiera. It still is a Lakto product, highly valued by consumers and medical specialists and rich in valuable bacteria. But now, thanks to the improved recipe the product contains no lactose, therefore Lakto Imuno can be used by an even wider range of consumers – including adults and children with lactose intolerance.

For immunity and energy

The lactose-free fermented dairy products of the Lakto Imuno line are available with four natural fruit and berry flavors – pomegranate, mango, raspberry-bilberry, and strawberry-rhubarb. The products of this line contain 20 billion lactic acid bacteria, which stimulate the activity of the digestive system. Vitamins A, B6, B12 and D, which are essential for immunity, provide an additional nutritional value.

The products come packed in small 100 g bottles, and each portion is quite lean- just 62 calories and 8.5 g of sugar per 100 g of product. Importantly – the composition of Lakto Imuno ingredients is consistent with the internationally recognized nutritional value labeling Nutri Score B, which means that these lactose-free fermented dairy products have high and balanced nutritional value, so they can be consumed on a day-to-day basis.

“By creating the innovative Lakto Imuno line, we have taken a significant step not only for our company but also for the entire Latvian food industry. We are glad that these new drinks are not only in line with modern nutritional trends but also delicious. Anyone, be it young moms, kids, people always busy with work or active sporting people, who want to include lactose-free products on their menu, will be able to find their favorite flavor to take a dose of “healthy immunity”,” says Ilona Jaroša, Dairy Brand Manager at Food Union.

The new lactose-free fermented dairy drinks Lakto Imuno are already available at Food Union’s online store, Latvia’s largest retail chains Maxima, Rimi, Mego, Narvesen, Lats, Beta, Aibe, Elvi, Top! and Spar, as well as smaller convenience shops.

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