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Food Union creates the first 100% natural berry and fruit sorbet produced in Latvia

Food Union, the leading dairy production company, is the 1st company in Latvia to offer 100% natural berry and fruit sorbet Nu Smoothie on the market. Nu Smoothie is available in 2 flavours: mango and raspberry. The new product contains natural raspberry and mango puree without artificial colourants and flavourings. It has 0% fat and only 95kcal.

“We are happy to introduce buyers in Latvia to natural berry and fruit sorbets or smoothies. In summer buyers in Latvia prefer light, juicy, and refreshing cold titbits and drinks. Therefore, we believe that fruit smoothies will be a hit this summer. Natural Nu Smoothie contains real raspberry and mango puree, it is fat-free and its energy content is only 95kcal,” Linda Petrovska, Food Union Ice Cream Brand Manager, explains.

Nu Smoothies are already available at Rimi, Maxima, Top, Aibe, and Lats chain stores and other small local stores.

New Nu Smoothie complement the existing range of milk and Nu Fruit fruit ice cream products. Nu Fruit is available in 5 flavours: wild strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, peach and melon, large cherry, and large strawberry.

As reported earlier, ice cream is the priority segment for the Food Union this year with 3 million euro investments. Priorities of the company for this year include introducing 25 new products on the market, developing sales channels on the domestic market in Latvia as well as a significantly increasing sales volumes on export markets.

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