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Food Union creates ice cream in colours of Ukrainian national flag

In solidarity with Ukraine’s fight for freedom, Latvia’s leading milk processing and ice cream production company Food Union has created a special ice cream in the colours of the Ukrainian national flag. With a symbolic purpose, the ice cream recipe incorporates floral flavours made from natural materials: elder and cornflower in the blue part of the ice cream and the softness of saffron in the yellow part, creating a unique composition of flavours. The cold delicacy has been named “Слава України” (Glory to Ukraine), a slogan expressing support for Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance.

“This ice cream is a tribute to the courage and love of freedom of the Ukrainian people. More importantly, it is a reminder to every resident of Latvia that a terrible war is still going on in Ukraine, therefore we must continue to help its people even after the first wave of support has subsided,” emphasizes Food Union Director General in Latvia Irēna Holodnaja. “Development of an ice cream dedicated to Ukraine was an emotionally significant event for our team. Everyone involved in the development of the ice cream had a sense of belonging and the opportunity to support Ukrainians through what we do best – developing and producing delicious products of very high quality. Our experience from 2018, when we created ice creams in the colours of the national flags of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to celebrate their 100th anniversary, also came in handy,” adds Irēna Holodnaja.

The ice cream dedicated to Ukraine was presented to the public for the first time today, June 18, when Blue-Yellow Ice Cream Festival was organized for the Ukrainian community at day centre Common Ground. Ice cream lovers young and old not only had a chance to be the first to taste “Слава України” ice cream, but also other most popular and delicious ice creams produced by Food Union, meet clown doctors, play football and blow big soap bubbles.

“We are grateful to every person and company that continues to provide assistance, so that people who have found refuge in Latvia from the protracted war in their country could realistically hope for peace and a quick return home. Thank you Food Union for a special product dedicated to the community of Ukrainians! What else if not ice cream can bring so much joy and a bit of comfort in the summer season,” says Common Ground founder Ieva Irbina.

The blue-and-yellow ice cream will be available free of charge to residents of Ukraine at the Riga Support Centre (1 Kaļķu Street) and the Common Ground day centre for Ukrainian residents (17 Andrejostas Street 27), as well as at Ekselence summer booths in Riga and Jūrmala upon presentation of Ukrainian ID documents.

In addition, “Слава України” ice cream in limited quantities will be available for purchase from June 18 on Food Union online store and at Ekselence summer booths in Riga and Jūrmala. EUR 1 from each ice cream sold will be donated to Ukrainian children’s protection organization “Голоси дітей” (Children’s Voices) with the support of

As reported, since March 9 of this year, Food Union has been supporting the Riga Support Centre for Ukrainian residents with fresh dairy products on a daily basis: sour cream, Rasa butter, Limbažu Piens milk and cheeses, Dzintars cheeses, Lakto yogurts, Kārums curd snacks and desserts, milk beverages Rasēns. According to Pēteris Grūbe, head of the Riga Support Centre for Ukrainians, these deliveries provide meals for more than 700 people each day. Several truckloads of dry milk powder and milk beverages have also been shipped to Ukraine to support the Ukrainian army, hospitals and national defence units. Cream cheese Rasa, which was stored in Ukrainian warehouses and was intended for sale, was donated to local residents once the war started.

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