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Fewer calories and still as tasty – Food Union surprises with guilt-free Ekselence ice cream

Is it possible for ice cream to contain one-third less calories and sugar, and still taste as good and have a creamy texture as usual? Surprisingly, it is – thanks to ice cream production experts at the leading Latvian dairy company Food Union who have created guilt-free Ekselence ice cream with dietary composition and a unique recipe, where part of sugar is replaced by stevia extract. This is the first such product the company has developed for the Latvian market, investing around EUR 80,000 in the project.

The new guilt-free Ekselence ice cream is available in two flavors. Ekselence blueberry and lavender ice cream with blueberry sauce (288 kcal) will delight lovers of extravagant flavors, as it has very summery notes in an unusual combination. On the other hand, Ekselence caramel ice cream with salty caramel sauce (315 kcal) is better suited to those who prefer classic gastronomy.

“The latest trends in the ice cream world show consumers’ growing interest in eating not only deliciously tasty ice creams, but also ice creams with dietary properties. Creation of guilt-free Ekselence ice cream is a strategic step for Food Union, the leading ice cream producer in Latvia, to introduce innovative niche products to the market, therefore raising the standards for the overall Latvian ice cream market. We clearly see added value in developing this product range because we believe that even such a classic dessert such as ice cream must keep up with the time and appeal to consumers with a brand new taste, composition and functionality – reduced sugar and calorie content,” explains Sandra Usačeva, Ice Cream Brand Manager at Food Union.

Guilt-free Ekselence ice creams are different in not only their dietary properties but also in their fiber and protein content, becoming an even healthier treat. Both new ice creams have been created following the gourmet brand Ekselence traditions and using only the highest-quality ingredients.

“After tasting them, rarely will anyone be able to tell that some of the sugar in the recipe has been replaced by stevia extract, because ice cream is still pleasantly sweet, but with far less calories, so we can eat it with clear conscience – in good company or alone, giving ourselves some really enjoyable moments” adds Sandra Usačeva.

Dietary Ekselence ice creams are available at the hypermarkets of the major retail chains. They are packaged in convenient half-liter (0.5L) tubs made from environmentally friendly cardboard produced in the European Union, sourced in accordance with socially responsible forestry practices.

As reported, ahead of the summer season Food Union invested around EUR 200,000 in the development of fifteen new ice creams for the Latvian market, including new Ekselence ice creams. As a result, various new products were added to the company’s main ice cream ranges, many of which became very popular with consumers. For instance, those who prefer classic taste appreciated Pols chocolate ice cream bars and family ice cream Tio in waffle cones. As for the more modern ice cream types, Ekselence premium chocolate ice cream bars with white chocolate, coconut flakes and almonds, and also with raspberries have been in high demand so far this summer.

The legendary Pols range ice creams have also been selling very well, surprising consumers with unusual colors: the pink Pols with bubble-gum flavor, Pols with chocolate biscuits, and the green pistachio ice cream.

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