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Double flavour for double delight – new Ekselence ice-cream autumn collections created

In order to make the autumn more enjoyable, ice-cream experts of Latvia’s leading dairy group Food Union have created a new gourmet brand Ekselence ice-cream collection. It consists of three exquisite products that combine the latest trends in the ice-cream sector – innovative flavour and colour combinations, the most popular portion size and environmentally friendly packaging. The total investments in development of the new Ekselence ice-creams reach about EUR 50,000.

The new Ekselence collection is based on a recipe where airy cream ice-cream is combined with real fruit and berry sorbets. Three combinations of flavours have been created for everyone’s taste. Those who crave exotics, are invited to try Ekselence vanilla cream ice-cream with juicy mango sorbet. Fans of classical desserts will definitely appreciate the new Ekselence combining chocolate cream ice-cream with cherry sorbet. While those consumers who loved the red-white-red ice-cream dedicated to Latvia’s Centenary, will enjoy an ice-cream of equal flavour – vanilla cream ice-cream Ekselence with refreshing forest berry sorbet.

“This summer demonstrated that local ice-cream lovers are happy to choose extraordinary colour and flavour combinations, and unchangeably appreciate ice-cream that has been made of the highest quality Latvian milk and cream. Therefore, in the new Ekselence ice-cream collection we combined not only contrasting colours, but also textures. We are confident that the new ice-creams will be enjoyed even by the pickiest gourmets because each of the flavours can be enjoyed separately or mixed together,” said Sandra Usačeva, Food Union ice-cream brand manager.

It is significant that the size and volume of the packaging for this Ekselence collection has been developed, considering consumers eating habits and principles of environmentally friendly production. All new ice-creams are available in convenient cardboard packaging and in the currently popular 500 ml portions that are suitable for enjoying among friends or on one’s own.

The new Ekselence double flavour ice-creams are available in Latvia’s largest retail chains (Maxima, Rimi, Mego, Elvi, Top) and the small local stores.

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