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Chinese minister of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine visits Rigas Piena Kombinats

Zhu Shuping, the Minister of China’ General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and his delegation visited JSC Rīgas piena kombināts today, June 16, in order to discuss the possibility of launching exports of Latvian-made dairy products to China in the nearest future. The Chinese delegation’s visit to Latvia is one of the steps in a longer process the goal of which is Latvian-made dairy products’ certification for the Chinese market. JSC Rīgas piena kombināts and JSC Valmieras piens make up the largest dairy group in Latvia – Food Union.

“Food Union is Latvia’s leading dairy product exporter aiming to significantly increase its export volumes. We are already exporting half of our total output to nearly 15 countries, but the capacity of our plants is much higher. There is a huge potential for dairy product imports in the Chinese market, which is why we have been working with the responsible Latvian authorities for more than two years already to launch exports of dairy products and ice creams as soon as possible,” says Normunds Staņēvičs, Board Chairman of JSC Rīgas piena kombināts (Food Union Group).

During the visit, the delegation of the People’s Republic of China learned about the operations and product portfolio of JSC Rīgas piena kombināts, inspected its milk processing, ice cream and industrial product plants, as well as tasted products of the RASA, Rasēns, Ekselence, Nu Smoothie lines.

“The visit of the minister of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of the People’s Republic of China to Latvia might help ensure the exports of dairy products and other Latvian-made agricultural and food products to China. Latvia has submitted all the necessary information for the dairy product certificate’s further approval by the Chinese authorities. I hope that Latvian dairy companies will be able to launch successful cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs in the nearest future by supplying Latvian-made high-quality dairy products to consumers in this country,” says Maris Balodis, Director-General of the Food and Veterinary Service.

In 2012, Latvia shipped 4.76 million euro worth of agricultural, food and fisheries products to China. The main product Latvia has been exporting to China on a regular basis is bilberries. In 2012, this product group accounted for 90.5 percent, or 4.3 million euro of the total value of all agricultural, food and fisheries product exports. In 2012, Latvia’s other exports to China included 177,500 euro worth of vodka, 128,300 euro worth of other fresh berries and other products, the share of which in the overall trade structure of agricultural, food and fisheries products was insignificant.

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