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Brand “Zilonītis” has a new product – forest strawberry yogurt

Spring is in full bloom, so Latvia’s leading dairy processing company “Food Union” continues to delight consumers with fresh new products. This time, the company comes out with pleasant news for all fans of the “Zilonītis” drinkable yogurt brand – now the range also includes yogurt with forest strawberry flavor. This new product has been available in stores all over Latvia since mid-April.
The main ingredients of the new “Zilonītis” forest strawberry yogurt are the highest quality milk, natural berry additives, and lactic acid bacteria culture. Thanks to its excellent taste and rich nutritional value, the product is a great solution for morning meals, eaten together with breakfast cereals or muesli, and as a healthy snack.
Overall, “Zilonītis” offers three drinkable yogurts – the new forest strawberry, as well as peach and ice cream flavors. Production takes place at “Food Union’s” main factory – “Rīgas piena kombināts”, Riga, Latvia.

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