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Black waffle, green and pink ice cream and other novelties in Food Union’s ice cream season offer

Getting ready for the summer season, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union with a goal to expand the range of offered ice creams has created surprising ice cream novelties, investing in their development EUR 200,000. As a result, 15 different new products are added to the largest ice cream brands – “Ekselence”, “Pols”, “Tio” and “Rasēns” assortment, including not only green and pink ice creams, but also a whole black waffle cone.

“Consumers’ eating habits and market trends show that ice cream should not only be tasty and made of the best milk and cream, but it should also be interesting. Therefore, we were not afraid to make brave steps and present seemingly ordinary ice cream elements in an extraordinary way, for example, for the first time in the history of industrially made ice cream, we created an ice cream in a black waffle cup. We believe that this year’s novelties will surprise the big and little fans of ice cream with extraordinary looks and textures in combination with classical and modern flavours,” said Ieva Ražinksa, Food Union marketing director.

The range of Premium class “Ekselence” brand this year will have six novelties. Four of them are already in stores – those are “Ekselence” ice cream bars on a stick made of cream with especially refined and rich flavours. “Ekselence” chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and brownies, as well as pistachio ice cream with chocolate sauce in milk chocolate for the fans of milk chocolate. Meanwhile, “Ekselence” vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce in while chocolate with raspberries and ice cream with coconut flakes in white chocolate glazing with almods will be enjoyed by white chocolate lovers.

In the meantime, there are five new additions to the highly-popular “Pols” range. In response to popular demand and following a successful debut on the Lithuanian market in 2018, “Pols” chocolate ice cream bars with chocolate glaze are now also available in stores across Latvia. There also are new flavors of ice cream in super-crispy homemade waffle cones – these include vanilla ice cream “Pols” with chocolate biscuits in black waffle cones and plombieres-pistachio ice cream

This year, the company’s focus is on expanding the range of ice creams in waffle cones, which until now have been underrepresented in Latvia. Four new such ice creams are now in production. The “Pols” range will have a new addition in the form of a traditional plombieres and gentle bubble gum ice cream with marshmallow bits in golden homemade waffle cones. Latvia’s most popular “Tio” ice cream range now also includes two types of cream vanilla ice cream with sweetened condensed milk flavor and different glazes – corn flakes and puffed rice for extra crispiness.

Furthermore, there are two new “Rasēns” cream-based ice creams with vanilla-chocolate and strawberry flavors. Both are made of natural ingredients and in a unique shape depicting the brand’s mascot – a smiling calf.

Most of the new Food Union ice creams are already available at the largest shopping malls and smaller stores across Latvia. On the other hand, “Ekselence” light ice creams will hit store shelves in early summer – follow our updates!

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