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AS Rigas Piena Kombinats – One of the Most Successful Latvian Exporters

AS Rigas piena kombinats, part of the leading Latvian dairy company Food Union, was awarded at the Export and Innovation Awards 2014 as the 3rd most exportable business in Latvia in the LMEs group.

Last year (2013) the company recorded over EUR 115 million annual turnover, purchased about 15,000 tons of raw milk monthly and employed about 700 people. In 2013 the turnover of AS Rigas piena kombinats saw a 15% growth year-on-year and the overall export volumes soared by 37% compared to the year before.

AS Rigas piena kombinats closed year 2013 as the 2nd biggest ice cream importer to Russia right behind the global corporation Mars and the 2nd biggest cream cheese importer to Russia.

Food Union Group is the leading dairy producer in Latvia, the biggest dairy product exporter and one of the biggest employers in the food industry.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvian and the Ministry of Economics are organizing Export and Innovation Awards for the 10th consecutive year. It is aimed at giving recognition and honouring Latvian businesses that have achieved good results in producing new, exportable products, supplying the domestic market with high quality local produce, introducing innovations, and developing industrial design.

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