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Aivar Aus appointed new Board Chairman at Premia

Food Union, one of the leading food producers in the Baltic States which recently acquired Estonian ice cream maker Premia, announced on August 5 that Aivar Aus has been selected as the new Board Chairman of Premia, with the objective being strengthening the company as a member of the Food Union Group. Premia is the leader of the Baltic ice cream segment with a 22% market share.

“The success of Food Union and our future plans are based on the taste sensation that is our products, local brands and excellence in production. Aivar Aus has extensive experience and knowledge in this area, particularly about the production process at Premia, which makes him highly qualified for managing the company’s integration in accordance with Food Union’s wider growth strategy. We are confident that this choice will ensure the company’s further growth,” says Food Union Board Chairman Sergey Beskhmelnitsky.

“I am extremely pleased with the challenge the Premia owners have entrusted to me. Our goal remains unchanged – to be the leading distributor of ice cream and frozen food in the Baltics and to successfully continue ice cream production at our Tallinn plant. At Premia, we have developed a very good team and working atmosphere, and it is an honor for me to run this team. I believe that our results can only become better,” says Premia new chief.

Aivar Aus was chosen to become the new Board Chairman of Premia on August 5, but is taking over from the company’s previous management on September 1.

Aivar Aus, 52, has been working for Premia for 13 years already. He joined Premia in 2002 as the company’s sales manager in charge of the wholesale of ice cream and frozen food products. For the last six years, Aivar Aus has been working as Premia ice cream plant’s director. Aivar Aus has graduated from Tallinn University of Technology and spent most of his professional career in the ice cream and frozen food industry.

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