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A new home and appearance – Food Union unveils new Kārums production plant and revised brand and packaging design

Latvia’s leading milk processing company Food Union has concluded an investment project worth EUR 5.5 million, within the framework of which JSC Rīgas Piena Kombināts has established a new Kārums curd snack production plant with completely new technological production lines. This opens up opportunities for the company not only to increase the production and export of curd snacks, but also to offer various new tasty products in the near future. Along with the new factory and production lines, one of the biggest changes in the history of Kārums is being conducted – the brand story has been updated, the visual identity of the brand has been renewed and packaging designs have been changed.

The new Kārums production plant – a part of the Kārums story

At the beginning of 2018, Food Union began development of its Excellence Center of Fresh Dairy Products, which provided for the construction of the EUR 2.25 million Kārums production plant, the purchase of new curd snack production equipment in the amount of EUR 3.25 million, as well as concentration of all production in Riga in once place at the JSC Rīgas Piena Kombināts territory, with a total investment of EUR 6.25 million including infrastructure modernization. With the opening of the Kārums production plant, the first two stages of the Center of Excellence project have been completed, but the third will also be completed by the end of the year.

‘’The story of Kārums’ changes began with the need to increase curd snack production capacity due to growing demand. We saw potential in both the further strengthening of the Kārums brand in the Baltics, which has now become the home market of Kārums, and in export markets, as well as in the development of the curd snacks category in new formats. Today, we can fully work in a new, extensive and sustainable production plant, using modern production technologies. It is not for nothing that we call this the “new home” of Kārums. This is also a new home to more than 100 employees who work on a daily basis to create our consistently delicious and legendary curd snacks. Also here, visitors will be able to get to know the story of Kārums. The new plant will be adapted to receive visitors and show them our production process as soon as possible,” explains Normunds Staņēvičs, CEO Food Union Europe.

The same old Kārums, just better looking

“Kārums is the most recognizable and also the most purchased dairy product brand in Latvia. Managing change for a brand widely loved by buyers is a considerable responsibility. Our goal was to respect Kārums’ almost 30-year history and place in the hearts of customers, to simplify and refresh its visual image, while at the same time strengthening its key elements, so that Kārums fans would recognize the new packaging in shops and be happy with the changes,” explains Ieva Ražinska, Food Union marketing head. “Every inhabitant of Latvia loves one of the Kārums products because of its taste. This must remain, so the recipes and tastes of the products have remained unchanged. It’s the same good-old Kārums, only nicer – this could be the best compliment we would be happy to get from buyers,” adds Ieva Ražinska.
The Kārums logo has become more concise and modern. The packaging retains the orange color characteristic of Kārums products, which is complemented by an even more visible logo and easy-to-read product names to make things more convenient for buyers of Kārums products. For more precise flavor navigation, Kārums packages are now decorated with large berries, fruits and other flavors.

To the delight of the brand’s fans, the company has decided to bring back the brand’s symbol that many customers have loved since childhood – the crow, which will become the central image of the brand, but in a slightly different look. The crow embodies the values of the Kārums brand – authenticity, truthfulness, friendliness, lightness and simplicity. The image of the crow will appear on most product packaging in the future.

“Along with the visual improvements, we also gave Kārums a new social role, namely, to increase a healthy self-confidence within society, or the ability to look at oneself from the side and “smile”. With our products and communication, Kārums will sincerely and with humor try to remind people on a daily basis that every situation can be turned for the better by saying a good word, giving praise, or simply treating someone with a curd snack, which always improves the mood and makes one feel valued,” adds Ieva Ražinska.

The Kārums product portfolio currently includes 37 products, including curd snacks, yoghurts, desserts, creams and cream cheeses, fresh cheeses and ice cream. From today, Kārums cheese curd snacks will appear on the shelves of shops all over the Baltics in new packaging, and in the near future – other delicious Kārums products will also be “dressed in new clothing”. Also in the near future, a number of new Kārums products will see the light of day, and they will be announced separately. There will be new flavors of the classic curd snack, as well as a brand new category of cheese for lovers of leaner snacks. In addition to new products, the dessert and yoghurt category of the brand will also be expanded.

About Kārums:
Kārums is one of the most popular dairy product brands in Latvia. The famous curd snack began to be produced in Latvia in the late 1940s, and it immediately became a favorite breakfast delicacy and snack for both children and adults, which is also convenient to eat on the go. In 1993, this cult product acquired a new identity – the name Kārums. Since then, the brand has not only developed a wide range of products and snacks made from the best milk, but also developed a bright, cheerful personality and a sincere sense of humor.

About Food Union group:
Food Union is the largest dairy company in Latvia and the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries. Food Union Group is made up of three largest dairy companies and ice cream makers in Latvia – Rīgas Piena Kombināts, Valmieras Piens, and Rīgas Piensaimnieks, Estonia’s largest ice cream maker Premia and Premia Lithuania, the leading Danish ice cream producer Premier Is and Danish ice cream distribution company Hjem Is, Norway’s ice cream company Isbjørn Is and ice cream delivery service company Den Norske, Romanian ice cream maker Alpin57Lux, and ice cream company Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus and Hladkombinat No.1 in Russia. In 2018 Food Union opened two dairy and children’s product plants in China. In 2019, Food Union group achieved EUR 277 million in turnover. Food Union group companies currently employ over 3,100 persons.

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